Traducción de leak en Español:


gotear, v.

Pronunciación /liːk//lik/

verbo intransitivo

  • 1

    (bucket/tank) gotear
    (bucket/tank) perder Río de la Plata
    (tank/bucket) salirse México Chile
    (tent/shoes) dejar pasar el agua
    (tap) gotear
    the pipe leaks la cañería pierde agua (or aire etc.)
    • the roof is leaking entra agua por el tejado
    • this pen leaks esta pluma pierde tinta
    • The vessel was leaking, its engine failing and there was a large crack in the hull.
    • I got to work this morning and found that my lunch box had leaked into my bag, and there was pesto sauce from my pasta salad coating the inside of the bag.
    • ‘I keep these in my shed, so if the roof leaks on that, I'm screwed,’ he quips, before dissolving into kinks of laughter.
    • The roof leaks so badly that we have to put a bucket under it.
    • Unfortunately, most of the coolers leaked so badly that we had to replace them.
    • The upended containers leaked, but they held together.
    • The petrol tank was leaking, and rags were soaked in the petrol on the ground and a lighted match applied.
    • Nearly 20 per cent of the water pipes in the city leak and the 900,000 old toilets used in the city are estimated to waste millions of tons of water in a year.
    • The fountain's stonework is crumbling, the bowl leaks and at the beginning of the winter the town council decommissioned it due to concerns over the effects of water damage and leakage.
    • I crawled back in bed, realizing that the roof was still leaking at an increasing rate.
    • The roof is also leaking badly, window frames and guttering are rotting and the interior is in urgent need of redecoration.
    • This leading cause of blindness in the elderly occurs when excess blood vessels start leaking into the eye.
    • Short-term methods of storage are unsatisfactory because containers leak and break open long before the wastes are safe.
    • She passed cracks leaking steam that fogged her way.
    • If your container leaks onto the table too much when you water it, remove the umbrella and move the container to the patio floor.
    • Salvage and rescue workers who were rushed to the scene said one of the sunken acid containers was slowly leaking into the river.
    • Schoolchildren learn this truth in their science classes: All containers leak.
    • Plumber number one tightened the fixing for the waste pipe - but two weeks later the bath was still leaking.
    • The bite valve has no shut-off mechanism, so it's more apt to leak if accidentally squeezed.
    • One hundred people were evacuated from a village near York today after a storage tank leaked, releasing an explosive cloud of propane gas.
  • 2

    (liquid) escaparse
    (liquid) salirse
    water had leaked through the ceiling había entrado agua por el techo
    • The epidemic of drowsiness was blamed on gases leaking from toxic waste dumped at the site.
    • I could feel my blood pumping comfortably in my arteries and wondered why it didn't just leak out into nothingness.
    • Look for dirty spots in your insulation, which often indicate holes where air leaks into and out of your house.
    • The explosion was the result of chlorine gas leaking from outmoded furnaces at the plant.
    • Pain shot up his arm as he felt something warm leak between his clenched fingers.
    • The gas leaked into the house through a manhole sewer system.
    • He warned that the fetid water could spread disease and that natural gas was leaking all over town.
    • A young man and teenage girl have died after poisonous fumes leaked from a gas boiler.
    • This is from where, on the night of December 3, 1984, tons of poisonous gas leaked.
    • Had the gas leaked without igniting, the chances of a spark igniting all the gas at once would have been greater.
    • He later learned that exhaust gases were leaking into the cabin of his car.
    • They also saw water leaking down from cracks in the rock and abundant crystal.
    • Seven astronauts perished when hot exhaust gas leaked from one of the booster rockets, destroying the vehicle less than two minutes into the flight.
    • Holding her hand, he could feel sweat leak from his pores.
    • The people who are left out in this system are like canaries that miners took with them; if poisonous gas were leaking into the mine, the canaries would sicken.
    • Gas could leak from the unsealed core, while working in water could also result in leakage.
    • There was a serious danger to them because gas was leaking.
    • Light seemed to just leak out from his pores when he smiled.
    • If oil had leaked into the ballast water, that would have been detected at Singapore / Malaysia.
    • Now, the frigid water was leaking through that hole and causing not a little irritation.

verbo transitivo

  • 1

    (gas/liquid) perder
    (gas/liquid) botar Río de la Plata América Latina
    the car was leaking oil el coche perdía aceite
  • 2

    (information) filtrar
    the report was leaked to the press filtraron el informe a la prensa
    • I find that there is no evidence that Ottawa leaked the information to the press.
    • You keep talking about the State leaking information.
    • In the meantime, the president, of course, is focusing on who actually leaked news of this top secret spying program.
    • A lot of people are leaking information that they say is in that report.
    • So, should the media have the right to ignore a news embargo and break a story early if the information is leaked from another source?
    • This news is leaked to the press, who feed off it voraciously, hampering the investigation.
    • He said it was his hope ‘that we will witness a grand jury investigation with reporters present being asked to reveal who is leaking this information’.
    • Information was leaked to the press at the time of the shooting, indicating that the Brazilian had behaved in such a way as to encourage the police in their belief that he was a terrorist.
    • But this generally doesn't apply to third parties to whom the journalist leaks the information, since they aren't bound by the contract.
    • Ministers were no less adept, leaking information to the press and timing official announcements to maximum advantage.
    • Well, it wouldn't be the first time that White House staffers have leaked information to the Press Corp.
    • The president believes leaking classified information is a very serious matter and it should be pursued to the fullest extent by the appropriate agency.
    • The news organizations fear the tougher law would result in subpoenas being issued to journalists who published leaked information.
    • The next three days were dominated by stories about the merits of the broadcast and who leaked information about the girl's family and not, as Labour had hoped, on general health issues.
    • Any civil servant who is proven to have leaked the information should face prosecution for disclosing confidential information.
    • Also, why, and on whose authority, did unnamed police sources leak information to the press?
    • The leaked document from the team confirms that consideration of recovery habitat protection was ‘therefore not addressed.’
    • But now she is being accused of probably leaking board information through a third party by the respected journalist who published the leak.
    • What would be the motivation for leaking this information?
    • What would be the position if the MP then leaks the information to a journalist, and it is published in a newspaper?


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    • 1.1

      (in bucket, boat, pipe) agujero masculino
      (in roof) gotera femenino
      • If further water infiltration is to be prevented, all leaking pipes and roof leaks should be repaired.
      • The new detector can also be used to locate leaks from mains pipes in streets and in industrial complexes which may have many miles of piping.
      • Copper is relatively soft, and long-term exposure to sharp pieces of limestone may cut through the pipe and lead to leaks.
      • The pool had a permanent leak and had to be refilled about twice a week.
      • Vehicles passing over the leaks then cause the damaged surface to break up, creating loose stones which could fly off, causing damage or injury they said.
      • When the old surface was taken up it disturbed gas pipes and we had leaks which have been repaired.
      • A leak was discovered and the original 2ft hole for the tap had to be extended to carry out repairs.
      • In such times, we cling desperately to the life raft of the First Amendment, yet we must also remain aware of its leaks and holes.
      • As the students repair leaks from damaged bulkheads the hull can be progressively flooded with water and rolled through 20 degrees, just like a ship at sea.
      • Students also reported holes and leaks in the ceiling, as well as bad drainage that led to flooding.
      • As of Wednesday afternoon, the technicians had yet to repair the leak because the pipe was buried 1.5 meters underground.
      • Potentially harmful leaks from waste pipes can also be located, enabling repairs to be carried out quickly.
      • Inspect for leaks and damaged or broken parts before starting the day's work.
      • If there are any leaks, fill the hole or crack with plastic solvent cement and wrap it with plastic electrical tape.
      • When he went into the basement, he saw a leak in the copper pipe that ran between the fuel tank and the furnace.
      • Fire brigade officers say the leak occurred in a pipe on the first floor.
      • If you have quick-set epoxy or muffler cement, patch the leaks after allowing the damaged section to dry thoroughly.
      • Restore water pressure and check the drain connection and the supply pipes for any leaks.
      • This stuff is useful for filling in holes and leaks, and for burning skin upon contact, in either its resin or powder form.

    • 1.2(escaping liquid, gas)

      escape masculino
      fuga femenino
      a gas leak un escape de gas
      • A fuel leak which damaged a South Lakeland beck and endangered water supplies to 250,000 homes in Greater Manchester has cost a plant hire company almost 9,000.
      • There was evidence of past leaks, and some pipework had been replaced in the plant room area.
      • The construction of a new pipe for pumping treated sewage into the sea is under review after years of costly leaks and accidents.
      • The objector also fears that accidental leaks from hazardous materials on the site could be detrimental to health.
      • Either way, the trick was to contain the leak and wait until the plumber could arrive the next morning.
      • Scottish Water is also to launch a campaign next month urging people to take care of the plumbing in their homes amid fears a freeze will result in widespread leaks from burst pipes.
      • The leak of wastewater containing diesel fuel and motor oil was discovered Friday at the fueling station about 25 miles northeast of Spokane.
      • Caulk and patch the cracks to prevent leaks and the damage that could result from them.
      • I notice that a number of our trials at Hauxton have been rendered useless and part of our field apparently contaminated following what appears to have been a leak from a burst pipe.
      • While diesel is less flammable than gasoline, any fuel leak creates serious safety and environmental risks in a marine setting.
      • Water companies have made big strides in reducing leaks from their pipes, a historic aggravating feature in dry periods.
      • The strike came after a recent accident involving an acid leak, which affected 40 workers.
      • The plant was not designed to contain a radiation leak, despite handling highly enriched fuel.
      • If it is found that the hole is nothing to do with the leak then we will pass on the cost to the council.
      • The 150-metre ship had been waiting about five miles off the Aberdeen coast for chemicals experts to arrive and contain the leak.
      • Oil from its tanks is still seeping out and threatening local wildlife, despite elaborate efforts by the Ministry of Defence to contain the leaks.
      • Yes, yes, its function is plain: it seals the hole, preventing leaks.
      • The students first asked for monetary compensation of the month's rent after a leak from the washing machine buckled the floorboards, making them feel unsafe about living in the flat.
      • Two pipelines at a petrochemical storage depot nearby reportedly have ruptured, but no leaks were detected.
      • It was two to three hours before the leak was contained, the cloud had dissipated, and the crisis was over.

    • 1.3(of information)

      filtración femenino
      • There are too many leaks of classified information in Washington.
      • The leaks provided little information but provoked a great deal of talk.
      • He urged anyone with information about the alleged leak to contact with Justice Department.
      • To many observers, this seems an oxymoronic concept in a city notorious for information leaks.
      • You make the point that if that were a leak of confidential information by an officer on borough, in any other circumstances that would be the subject of a formal disciplinary investigation.
      • He said questions about possible leaks of confidential information connected to the sale have cast a shadow on the deal.
      • Any leak of critical information could hamper the investigation and diminish the element of surprise they want to achieve when pinning down a suspect, he added.
      • The leak of secret or classified information is also troubling the Government.
      • Even before this happened, you needed one of the secret decoder rings to get any sort of leaks or information out of this White House.
      • Already, however, leaks from the secret pre-conclave meetings have been appearing in the media.
      • Unlike a typical whistleblower case, this was not a leak of information useful to the public; it was a deliberate plant for political purposes.
      • And still, according to the absolutely intentional leaks, there doesn't seem to be a good answer.
      • Tonight, the Justice Department launches a sweeping investigation into the leak of a top secret domestic spying program.
      • The subsequent leak of that information to the media is a breathtaking abuse of power by the authorities.
      • Justice gets about 50 such complaints from the CIA each year about leaks of classified information and few ever get beyond a preliminary investigation.
      • The second thing to do is to see if you can make anonymous or obscure personal information so that a leak will be less damaging.
      • Commanders worry over leaks of information that might compromise an operation.
      • You're always going to be pursued by your data shadow, which is forming from thousands and thousands of little leaks and tributaries of information.
      • Health officials were in part to blame for information leaks - this being a small society and all.
      • Even big corporations attach great importance to security measures to prevent leaks of commercial secrets.

  • 2argot

    (act of urinating)
    to take or (British also) have a leak mear vulgar slang