Traducción de leakage en Español:


escape, n.

Pronunciación /ˈlikɪdʒ//ˈliːkɪdʒ/


  • 1

    escape masculino
    fuga femenino
    • Gas alarms can detect leakages 95 per cent of the time.
    • Postoperative air leakage is the most frequent complication after lung surgery, regardless of whether an operation is performed by thoracotomy or by use of endoscopic techniques.
    • Harnessing such water requires relatively large initial outlays and can pose an environmental hazard because of potential brine leakage into the source aquifer.
    • Programmed to move along a pre-determined path around the reactor or industrial unit, the robot sports a gas detector to sense leakages, and an ultrasonic sensor to detect obstacles in its path.
    • Water leakages had been reduced dramatically.
    • The pipeline failed because of the leakages at the six leak sites.
    • Millions of litres of water are unaccounted for every month in Johannesburg because of leakages in pipe networks or through leaking taps and fixtures in homes.
    • If moisture still is present and there is a chance of leakage, the sealed clothing bags should be placed inside a larger paper bag with the top of the second bag left open.
    • Improvements which have cut leakages from the system by more than 40 per cent had contributed to its ability to cope with the lack of rainfall, he added.
    • For example, if somebody has urge incontinence and tries to cut down on fluids to cut down on leakage, they may actually end up with more urgency.
    • He drew a picture to illustrate the problem: leakages in toilets not only caused bad smells but allowed bacteria and viruses to contaminate the air inside the apartments.
    • A camera-studded electronic submarine has inspected the forty-five miles stretch of the aqueduct and will help to determine if the water leakages will affect the life span of the giant tunnel.
    • He said he believed that the cracks and the water leakages were caused by " internal structural problems’.
    • Water and sewage leakages also create traffic congestion as the roads become potholed.
    • Members are reminded to conserve water during the dry weather and be alert for leakages and report them to the area representative.
    • This project was aimed at identifying leakages which would reduce both water pilferage and contamination.
    • Any discontinuities through the metal forming the wall of the casting, however small, are potential sources of leakage.
    • All businesses using formalin are required to ensure there are no leakages of the cancer-causing chemical, which is mostly used to preserve corpses or as a disinfectant.
    • Disclosure of pan leakage is vital information to a home buyer, and such considerations clearly outweigh the risks and inconveniences of water testing.
    • The discovery of the pipeline leakage was as follows.