Traducción de learn en Español:


aprender, v.

Pronunciación /lərn//ləːn/

verbo transitivolearned, learnt

  • 1

    • 1.1(gain knowledge of)

      to learn English/the guitar aprender inglés/(a tocar la) guitarra
      • what did you learn in school today? ¿qué aprendiste hoy en el colegio?
      • you can learn a lot from watching him se puede aprender mucho mirándolo
      • to learn to + inf aprender a + inf
      • he's learning to read está aprendiendo a leer
      • I learned to keep my mouth shut aprendí a callarme
      • I've learned that from experience eso me lo ha enseñado la experiencia
      • you'll have to learn to live with it vas a tener que acostumbrarte
      • she quickly learned what to do pronto aprendió lo que había que hacer
      • he soon learned what was what enseguida se dio cuenta de cómo eran las cosas
      • you've got a lot to learn (about life) tienes mucho que aprender todavía
      • He also observed the students learning an aversion to investigating patients' social and psychological problems.
      • He adds that he is no longer a dreadful student, has letters after his name, and has learnt a useful lesson from his North Sea mishap.
      • Ormond Square was my first training ground, where I learnt my craft and developed a love for the beautiful game that I still have.
      • He had grown his intellectual ego, by learning the art of retrospection and sober second thought.
      • One way to tell a young soul from an old soul is to observe how quickly he learns karma's lessons in life.
      • Here, a group of children are busy learning the basics of education these days through a theatre workshop.
      • Neither does one want to waste time learning skills and information which will soon be as useless as hats for silt.
      • One now asks whether cultural codes are learned in some language-like way.
      • You would think, after the first 11 years, that the wise guys might have learned their lesson and moved their operations somewhere else.
      • She was learning American thought and culture without any criticism.
      • Their author has evolved into a prose sophisticate, and clearly learnt some important lessons along the way.
      • Everyone gets more or less that same elementary education, learning basic history and to read and to do basic math.
      • A child is learning unbelievable amounts of information.
      • You mentioned that you could not be aware while learning a foreign language.
      • For him, the key to settling successfully in a foreign culture is not just learning the language.
      • I can't find a moral in the story, or a worth-while lesson to be learned of it.
      • And rather than trust the author to go on developing and learning her trade, they dumped her.
      • The gifted apprentice attaches himself early to a wise teacher, learning the craft at his hands, six or eight hours a day, every day of the week.
      • On board were up to 130 cadets getting a general education as well as learning seamanship from the 20 staff.
      • Attitudes are learnt through observation of those in relative power or seniority.

    • 1.2(memorize)

      aprender de memoria
      • Well, I think part of the problem is that the students are not learning and retaining the material.
      • You try to concentrate on learning pertinent facts and are aware that what is now in vogue will eventually become dated.
      • Your mind may contain stores of knowledge because you learn rapidly, and you retain what has been learned.
      • Many of the chants and songs I learned are soon to fade from campus memory.
      • Name by name, she learned them so that she could remember them later on when riding.
      • We learned a large amount of information and did a mock theory test which has prepared us all for our theory test to get our provisional licences.
      • Just wait and see how mobiles companies will try to make us learn a numeric user name rather than an alphabetic one.
      • Previous studies of bilingual memory have primarily used word lists as materials to be learned.
      • I haven't, for instance, recommended memorising great swathes of sporting statistics, or learning the eight times tables.
      • It seems college instruction has moved or is moving back to memorization and rote learning.
      • He learns bucket-loads of information, including the brazenly anti-union pitches made by the various nations.
      • There is no information about where Ellen learned her tales or from whom.
      • There is likely to be a real zest for learning facts and information.

    • 1.3learned past participle

      (response) aprendido

  • 2

    (become informed about)
    (details) enterarse de
    we learned that she'd already left supimos que ya se había ido
    • they finally learned where/how he died finalmente se enteraron de dónde/de cómo murió
    • He said he was shocked beyond belief when he learned that literacy students were having their course cut.
    • She sighed when she thought about all the information that she had learned that night.
    • I was unaware of the seriousness of her illness until I learned of her death.
    • He said he deleted the names when he learned the report would be made public, as he only had one witness.
    • He learns his birth name as a teenager, but nothing more, and it is evident that this void has created a corresponding void in his soul.
    • More can be learned of the conditions of prisoners in New Jersey than in either Connecticut or New York.
    • We first learned of its existence when she was eight years old and began having vision problems.
    • It is from him that I learned that liberation movements, revolution, terrorism live in a world of their own and create their own etymology.
    • Those were the same words a second-in-command had said when learning Jasmine's name three long years ago.
    • Their grandfather had come to rescue them when he learned of their existence.
    • Despite Lynn being in Honors, she was a big slacker and the teacher had learned this bit of information a long time ago.
    • He learns that three other names have been suggested to go.
    • She was in her early fifties and her death was learned of with great regret by all who knew her during her short stay.
    • As usual there was a small turn out for the meeting but those who did attend learned a great deal of new information.
    • Being younger than her I learned loads of things by simple observation.
    • She only learned of her death when she returned for a home visit last week.
    • His passing last week was learned of with very deep and genuine regret within this community.
    • Her family was not consulted, and only learned of her death a month later.
    • The Leader of the House is saying that the Minister did not have enough time to discover on what date he learnt a piece of information.
    • I first learned of this incident more than 20 years ago.
  • 3uso criticado

    that'll learn him! ¡así aprenderá!
    • So the help you got has learned you to have faith in yourself.

verbo intransitivolearned, learnt

  • 1

    (gain knowledge)
    I've learned from my mistakes he aprendido de mis errores
    • will he ever learn? ¡cuándo aprenderá!
    • it's never too late to learn nunca es tarde para aprender
  • 2

    (become informed)
    to learn about / of sth enterarse / saber de algo
    • I learned about her promotion from a friend me enteré / supe de su ascenso por un amigo