Traducción de learned en Español:


docto, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈləːnɪd//ˈlərnəd/


  • 1

    (scholar) docto
    (scholar) sabio
    (scholar) erudito
    (work/allusion) erudito
    it appeared in a learned journal salió en una publicación especializada
    • she belongs to various learned bodies es miembro de varias agrupaciones académicas
    • my learned colleague mi distinguido colega
    • One level of reading was for the lay public while another was for learned scholars.
    • I have studied under learned professors in stately halls of learning.
    • I, by the bright light of noon, would like to reveal the most learned and erudite of my studies.
    • He even produces an article from a learned American journal to prove it.
    • Data from scientists in the field were published in learned society journals.
    • And he was learned and perspicacious enough to see that the rigidity which the old Labour party embraced would entail its own reaction.
    • Founded in 1660, the Society has three roles, as the UK academy of science, as a learned Society, and as a funding agency.
    • Articles about democracy appeared in learned journals, books and other academic writings.
    • He refused to accept honorary degrees but he did accept honorary membership of academies and learned societies.
    • He was a learned Scholar of the Bible, the Zora and the Torah.
    • A major chunk of journals in biomedical sciences is brought out by learned societies.
    • The tribunal of learned personalities has also asked for initiation of peace talks.
    • As far as can be determined, the waves they caused remained limited to the learned echelons of society.
    • They are very hospitable to learned and well-traveled people, as they love to learn new things from them.
    • The ideal would be to study those very same books under the auspices of a learned teacher.
    • This staves off moral panic and encourages postmodernist academics to write papers in learned journals.
    • And one who is very clever at juggling words will be considered a learned scholar.
    • He is a learned religious scholar and has also served as a teacher of religious education.
    • Other specialist libraries are maintained by federal and state departments and agencies, and by learned and professional societies.
    • To the learned elders and the people who have come here today, I thank them very much.
    • Publication of papers in learned journals is an intrinsic and inevitable component of doing science.
    • It is good to have this learned and scholarly life back in circulation.
    • Graaf's efforts introduced Leeuwenhoek to the most important learned society of the time.
    • Not so much a time for learned study, or even a fake attempt at seeking knowledge.
    • The rest of us (who are not learned scholars) can only infer, deduce and feel His Hand.
    • It's bold of me to challenge our learned scholars as my paltry mathematics training finished in year 11.
    • If the views of an associate professor expressed in a learned journal come within the scope of the vilification laws, then anything goes.
    • He was a member of the learned societies of many nations.
    • He is a learned man in most matters that pertain to art.
    • It should not be that he fails to consult learned people.
    • Why, in two of her lectures, does she discuss Kafka's ape, dressed up to make a speech to a learned society, and forced to speak their language?
    • The learned people of our faith tell us that is the best place to be.
    • He began fifty years ago as a Shakespeare scholar, with a learned and still necessary edition of The Tempest.
    • It remains for our learned people to resolve, as was done by Luther, Bacon and Erasamus, Rabelais and Montaigne.
    • In some cases these hybrid approaches lead to papers being published in learned journals, but not always.