Traducción de leash en Español:


correa, n.

Pronunciación /liːʃ//liʃ/


  • 1

    correa femenino
    traílla femenino
    to keep sb on a leash mantener / tener a algn a raya
    • I got a hold of his blue collar, and my mom came and attached the blue leash.
    • Once he is used to wearing it, attach the leash to it and let him lead you throughout the area.
    • After placing the training collar on the dog and attaching him to your waist, let go of the leash with both hands.
    • All working dogs connected with Government departments were given an exemption, but the poor old farmer with a mob of sheep out on the road in Canterbury somewhere would have to put all his sheepdogs on leashes.
    • First, practice with your dog on the leash or teaching lead.
    • Simply attach the leash to the Shih Tzu's collar and allow him to walk around the house with it.
    • The hounds, powerfully muscled mixed breeds, loll at the ends of leashes made of rope, leather or strips of colorful fabric.
    • The last time I was in the Octagon in Dunedin, I saw a number of people with German shepherds on leashes.
    • After the shih-tzu has come to you and obediently sat down, attach the leash and start the reward.
    • A leash also lets you control the pace so your dog doesn't sprint ahead at the beginning and wear out.
    • With the focus and attention towards off-leash walks and dog parks there seems to be a decline in the use and function of the leash.
    • But they must be on leashes in controlled areas and kept away from our main swimming beaches.
    • Once the leash is attached, it is important to make the shih-tzu walk calmly toward the door.
    • Slipping on her pair of sandshoes she opened the outside door and attached the leash to her dog's collar.
    • The young man groans at the sight of the pampered pooch, whom she already has attached to his leash.
    • Dogs aren't allowed on the trail without a leash, both to prevent them from harassing other hikers and to keep the dogs themselves out of trouble.
    • His right hand held a leash attached to a small white Havanese dog.
    • They were fastened in their kennels with leashes and couldn't get out.
    • In this experiment with dogs, each dog was led on a leash from a starting point along a straight path in a large field with no distinguishing landmarks and was shown a piece of food.
    • Under the Dangerous Dog Act, dogs are required to be kept under control and on a leash at all times, unless in a specially designated area.