Traducción de leather en Español:


cuero, n.

Pronunciación /ˈlɛðə//ˈlɛðər/


  • 1

    cuero masculino
    piel femenino México España
    real leather piel legítima España
    • before noun leather goods artículos de piel
    • leather jacket chaqueta de piel
    • She slumped back in the leather of the booth, and pushed a piece of hair behind her ear.
    • On top of the frame is a saddle leather facing; one hide is used per seat.
    • But shining/polishing your shoes will make the leather last longer and look better.
    • Its latest collection presents a variety of leathers, suedes and fabrics.
    • This footwear also comes up with regal decorations like cloth of gold and velvet aside from the leather.
    • Within a few minutes he had lost his rhythm as the mare suddenly stopped short and he started bouncing uncomfortably on the tough leather of the saddle.
    • She wore what was then the fashion for women, a leather one piece outfit with detachable sleeves and pant legs.
    • The production of leather from animal hides was a time consuming and dreadfully smelly process.
    • There were extra pieces of leather to fix broken saddles and reins with.
    • John hangs the leather on a plaiting hook and applies saddle dressing to the strands so that each one is individually stretched to assure a tight plait.
    • She pulled back her long, black hair and tied it with the leather piece.
    • The silver quality in her hair had kept it from being singed, but the leather piece holding it had been burned away.
    • You may also use chamois as an alternative to the leather pieces.
    • A piece of the leather bung which plugged one of these was still there, though the design I had seen on it the last time had disappeared.
    • She notices how perfectly polished the leather car seats are, and how fitting this is for the car's last night.
    • Cabretta leather is still used, although man-made fibres and synthetic leathers are also available.
    • The leather and cloth front seats were extremely comfortable and very supportive, especially for spirited driving.
    • In the stables, hands fed and watered the horses, and groomed their white coats until they shone, and polished the tack until they see dull reflections in the leather.
    • One bore a wolf's fang, the other a plain quartz piece on a leather thong.
    • Today, machines trim and cut the thickness and polish the leather.
  • 2Britanico

    gamuza femenino
  • 3leathers plural

    ropa de cuero femenino
    ropa de piel femenino México España