Traducción de leaven en Español:


levadura, n.


Pronunciación /ˈlɛv(ə)n//ˈlɛvən/


  • 1

    levadura femenino
    • Once active, even a small amount of leaven will be able to convert a very large quantity of new flour and water into fresh leaven overnight.
    • Once a batch of bread has been mixed with the leaven, there are two ways in which the system can be perpetuated.
  • 2literario

    (enlivening element)
    a leaven of wit una chispa / un toque de ingenio
    • It works like a leaven of forgiveness and nonviolence in a culture prone to revenge and retribution.
    • A little leaven certainly has the power to affect the whole lump.
    • After only five years of agitation, without abuse from us or any aggressive propagandism on our part, the leaven of this great truth has begun to work.
    • Being in the world, the Christian acts within the culture as a leaven, trying to transform it by communicating to others the redemption brought by Christ.

verbo transitivo

  • 1

    (dough) leudar
    her speech was leavened with lively anecdotes aligeró su discurso con anécdotas divertidas
    • There is only one time when leavened bread was offered, to represent the thanksgiving of the people.
    • An extrusion method is used to obtain leavened dough products with desirable characteristics.
    • He compares the rage of the people to a burning oven which the baker heats, until his dough is leavened and raised.
    • The Hebrew word ‘hametz’ is translated as leavened bread and refers to food prepared from five species of grain - wheat, barley, oats, spelt, and rye - that has been allowed to leaven.
    • As it ages, natural leavened bread will retain its moisture and keep well without refrigeration, quite opposed from the yeasted bread that stales and dries out within hours after its baking.
    • By the way - if the batter is mixed for too long, the excess blending can cause the premature formation and escape of the carbon dioxide that is needed for leavening the pancakes.
    • These ingredients have been used individually in the preparation of other yeast leavened dough products.
    • With naturally leavened bread, the magic of bread baking - the leavening process - originates right here within the four walls of the bakery.
    • Why does the Orthodox church use leavened bread and most Protestant fellowships use unleavened bread?
    • Several dozen of the Haredim managed to make their way to a street where chametz, or leavened bread, is sold.
    • An understanding of leavening ingredients and the interrelationship of other ingredients, preparation methods, heat and other factors, will help produce a final product of optimum quality.
    • Air bubbles can also be trapped in beaten egg whites, a technique used to leaven angel food or sponge cakes.
    • Another method of leavening is the use of whipped egg whites, which traps air in bubbles.
    • The children of Israel left Egypt in a hurry and did not have time to leaven their bread.
    • The Jews Jesus was speaking to would have viewed leavened bread as profane; it was unleavened bread that was sacred.