Traducción de leery en Español:


receloso, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈlɪəri//ˈlɪri/

adjetivoleeriest, leerier

  • 1

    to be leery of sb/sth
    • I'm very leery of them/their intentions desconfío / recelo de ellos/de sus intenciones
    • he's leery of taking sides in the issue se cuida mucho de tomar partido en el asunto
    • We were a little leery about renting a car, having never driven on Bulgarian highways, but our fears were misplaced.
    • He's also leery of reserve land being developed in such a way.
    • The market turmoil and lack of good financial knowledge has made them leery of equities.
    • And, as we mentioned in the article you read, be leery of any company that asks for money up-front.
    • Fazal Majid also has another good point, one that so far has kept me leery of purchasing music online.
    • Businesses were a little leery, understandably, about investing and adding jobs.
    • I've become leery of such statements, because I've heard them so many times.
    • I was a little bit wary or a little bit leery because he had to pick the gun up and put it in the bag, so of course I was watching what he was doing.
    • Personally, I find the Independent so poor these days, that I'd very leery of accepting any conclusions from an article therein.
    • He is a hard worker but many of his coworkers are leery of him.
    • It's therefore reasonable for me to be leery of liberals in general.
    • I am leery of superlatives but am not inclined to argue with that.
    • Range managers in Utah are now leery about gardening wild mountains.
    • On the downside Craig is famously leery of publicity.
    • But the candidate was set in his ways, and his people were leery of tampering with his approach so late in the game.
    • This surprises me for I've always thought of him as an exacting craftsman and, therefore, leery of artistic pretensions.
    • They're a little leery of actually trying to amend the Constitution.
    • Before the practice took hold, some news directors, fearing pranks, were leery of airing amateur video.
    • All of this anecdotal evidence has made me leery of the concept.
    • I often feel this way when a book is turned into a movie - leery of having the images in my mind mixed with those on a big screen.