Traducción de legacy en Español:


legado, n.

Pronunciación /ˈlɛɡəsi//ˈlɛɡəsi/

nombrePlural legacies

  • 1

    legado masculino
    the cupboard is a legacy from the previous tenant al armario lo heredamos del inquilino anterior
    • Partnerships will bring you wealth and success and you may inherit a legacy.
    • Funding comes from campaigns, bequests, legacies and the continuing generosity of Cantabrians.
    • Most charities would claim that around 30 per cent of their income comes from the legacies - gifts - left by people in their will.
    • However the opportunities to grant bequests, or to leave legacies and gifts are pre-empted.
    • Bad inheritance planning can mean your legacy is eaten up by probate taxes, solicitor's fees and charges.
    • They have income from legacies or property sales, and they will take in a lot from collections.
    • The minster has always been funded by generous gifts and legacies.
    • The 8th shows gain from dowries, unexpected inheritances and legacies.
    • Bentham tells the family that they are about to inherit a legacy from a relative.
    • Outline the division of your estate giving details of cash legacies to friends or charities, bequests of specific property.
    • This would generate 4,000 per year, to which would be added other gifts and legacies.
    • Friends chairman David Meal said the cots had been bought with money from legacies, donations, and a very successful collection in December at Tesco at Askham Bar.
    • From charity legacies to endowment shortfalls, John Husband answers your financial queries
    • Many of the large charities rely on legacies, which can cut inheritance tax bills.
  • 2

    (of artist, government)
    legado masculino
    before noun legacy system/business/software legado
    • Groups in Scotland that have long campaigned to address the asbestos legacy have welcomed the legislation.
    • The legacies of Prohibition were an increased level of alcohol consumption and flourishing organised crime.
    • All of those things are lasting legacies and testaments to the man's hockey career.
    • Some turned to alcohol or drugs to cope with their legacies of violence and shame.
    • Nicholson created something extraordinary but the custodians of the club have not done justice to his legacy.
    • Paradoxically her legacy was to remove any parental role in the provision of contraception for young people.
    • Cemetery managers, like parishes, have inherited an unenviable legacy from past generations.
    • The real issue here is not public dental services, but flawed national health policy, and its legacy.
    • One of the major themes of the book is the ongoing legacy of colonialism.
    • And at this stage of his career, Oscar is looking for more than money: he's got his eye on his legacy.
    • And their legacies continue to cause newcomers to pause before embarking down similar routes.
    • It is clear that the traits William has inherited from his mother are also reinforced from a legacy on his father's side too.
    • One of the legacies of these practices is the impact on the property market in the target areas.
    • Its roots go back to colonial history and it is a legacy of European colonialism and modernity.
    • Many have commented on how the lasting divisions on the sub-continent are partly a legacy of British colonialism.
    • The war bestowed two valuable legacies on women.
    • If chimps and humans are both violent, they are likely to share a genetic legacy for violence with this ancestor.
    • The modern consensus view is to judge the legacies of empire, especially of the modern European empires, very harshly.
    • I guess that he might have preferred more substantial legacies than these, but maybe they'll do just fine.
    • The original was cool, but this one tries with unsuccessful results to live up to the legacy of its predecessor.