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legal, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈliːɡ(ə)l//ˈliɡəl/


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    • 1.1(allowed)

      (move/tackle) reglamentario
      • Can someone explain to me why on earth an institution of higher learning is involved in the peddling of the last legal drug?
      • I talk to a Bronx priest who argues that life would be better if drugs were legal.
      • It is a legal drug and it can be used as a substitute for heroin.
      • He contends the rules for marijuana should be the same as for legal drugs and should place the onus on the individual.
      • When we debated the legalisation of drugs, he sai that he believed all drugs should be legal.
      • The government have the proof of the dangers of smoking, yet this is a legal drug.
      • I guess it's something about the combination of low taxes and legal drugs that strikes their fancy.
      • In other words, the big killers in Scotland are the legal drugs - tobacco and alcohol.
      • The number of workers required for a legal strike to go ahead is often too high.
      • Is it legal to sell prescription drugs through multi-level marketing?
      • Who would have thought legal drugs could ever be so dangerous?
      • Alcohol is, of course, a legal and socially acceptable drug, even though it may actually be more harmful to the body than some of the illegal drugs.
      • Researchers told a group of top athletes they were taking a legal drug that is known to boost performance and allow them to run faster.
      • For example, an official resident permit is still required for legal residence and work in Moscow.
      • He says one of the main aims in producing the pills was to provide people with a safe and legal alternative to illegal drugs.
      • The same applies to illicit drug use or dangerous levels of consumption of alcohol or legal mood-altering drugs.
      • Prozac is legal as a controlled drug given on prescription for depression.
      • Until the late 19th century, all kinds of recreational drugs were legal throughout the Western world.
      • By far the most dangerous drugs are legal, with alcohol and tobacco, accounting for 150,000 deaths every year.
      • Many were introduced to alcohol, legal and illegal drugs at tender ages.

    • 1.2(founded upon law)

      (constraint/rights/requirement/contract) legal
      he is the legal owner es el legítimo propietario
      • the contract is legal and binding el contrato tiene validez legal y es obligatorio para las partes
      • she was below the legal age no tenía la edad establecida por la ley
      • they decided to make their relationship legal decidieron legalizar sus relaciones
      • Oh sure, it's a legal requirement for someone such as me who is a contractor.
      • Sofia City Court denied the newly formed movement party registration on grounds of failure to meet legal requirements.
      • Presently car owners have the right to go where they please, even into the centre of York provided they and their vehicles meet legal requirements.
      • The only way to encourage such a process is raising the legal requirement for the size of banks' capital.
      • All farms registered under the scheme must reach and maintain a level of compliance which far exceeds the legal requirements.
      • The draft laws also impose stricter legal and administrative requirements for new parties to be eligible for the elections.
      • Complaints requiring legal action will be forwarded to the Ministry of Justice.
      • There is no legal requirement to register as a charity, nor is any agency charged with maintaining such a register.
      • You should get your independent contractor agreement in writing, although that is not a legal requirement.
      • They claim its contrary to the trust's legal requirements.
      • As for the legal requirements a Specialised Bureau for Customers Identification was established with the bank.
      • These companies have a legal requirement to tell us they are meeting quality standards.
      • The way in which legal requirements hinder police getting the job done may be another.
      • The other vehicles in its fleet do not meet the legal requirements and in effect should not be allowed on the road.
      • There is no legal requirement to do so as the firms cannot avail of limited liability status.
      • He said he had complied at all times with the Commissions' legal requirements.
      • Once that decision is made, airlines will then have a year to put their houses in order, before the new legal requirements come into force.
      • He says Walmex simply keeps the contracts on hand to meet legal requirements.
      • But Mrs Rutins said it was a legal requirement for all councillors to be supplied with the correct information.
      • It is a legal requirement that all competitors and their boatmen wear a life jacket.

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    (relating to legal system, profession)
    (problem/system/adviser) jurídico
    (problem/system/adviser) legal
    (department) jurídico
    legal costs costas femenino
    • the legal profession (lawyers) los letrados
    • she entered the legal profession se hizo abogada
    • she has started legal proceedings against them ha procedido (judicialmente) en contra de ellos
    • to seek legal advice consultar a un abogado
    • we will be forced to take legal action nos veremos obligados a poner el asunto en manos de nuestro(s) abogado(s)
    • Regulars in a Westbury pub are backing a landlord's bid to overturn the decision to revoke his late licence by contributing towards legal fees.
    • This was no doubt the expensive legal advice it was given.
    • The meeting was adjourned for more than half-an-hour with the public excluded while the panel sought legal advice over the claim.
    • But Finnie rejected both calls by quoting the legal advice he had been given by Scottish Executive civil servants.
    • But he has ended up with thousands of pounds worth of legal fees.
    • Texas's public defence system which provides legal advice for those who can't afford it, is notorious for its abysmal standards.
    • Over the past two years, a weekly drop-in centre with access to legal advice and translation services has been set up at a local community centre.
    • When he got sued a few years ago, he invited people to contribute to his legal fees by sending him some personal details and some money, and he would write a song about them.
    • The legal system is based on modified Roman law, with strong protection for the rights of the accused.
    • Please note that advice is given without legal responsibility
    • The paper presents several such studies, some of which have direct bearing on the legal system.
    • That is a difficult question, and its difficulty results from a deep ambiguity in our legal system.
    • Many lenders give incentives to switchers, such as help with valuation fees and legal expenses.
    • ‘We will take legal advice but the appeal process can be very lengthy and expensive,’ he said.
    • Ms Ray, 53, is now seeking legal advice with a view to seeking compensation from Channel 4 and Ramsay.
    • He declined to name them but said he advised the officials to seek legal advice and to speak with their insurers.
    • Mrs Collins has lodged an official complaint with the firm and is considering seeking legal advice.
    • Peter Ball, who represents residents in the Blackfriars area, strongly denies the claims and has sought legal advice.
    • The failure of our legal system to take this question seriously in any systematic way is troubling.
    • After further legal advice, the council chief executive, David Atkinson, agreed the motion could be discussed.

Hay 2 traducciones principales de legal en Español

: legal1legal2




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    pliego de aprox 22 × 35.5 cm
    • Sudler handed Mr Cool a sheet of yellow legal paper and sauntered out.
    • The deed was on posh legal paper.
    • When he saw something of note, he scrawled it on a folded up piece of yellow legal paper he kept in his coat pocket.