Traducción de leggings en Español:


leggings, n.

Pronunciación /ˈlɛɡɪŋz//ˈlɛɡɪŋz/

sustantivo plural

  • 1

    (pants, trousers)
    leggings masculino
    leotardos masculino
    mallas femenino
    calzas femenino Río de la Plata
    (for babies) pelele masculino
    waterproof leggings pantalones impermeables masculino
    • There were slits on either side of the waist too, and she wore a pair of skin-tight, spandex-like purple leggings, as well as a pair of blue, fingerless gloves and elbow pieces.
    • And I do remember the white smock and black leggings.
    • There were two pairs of jeans, 2 tracksuits, and a pair of leggings, some running shorts and about 8 white tops.
    • Even with her wool sweaters, shirts, leggings, socks, and cloak, she was still cold.
    • She wore long black leggings and a tight-fitting black top.
    • I'm not going to wear leggings under a denim miniskirt or stiletto-heeled boots with skinny jeans and a gold-trimmed gilet.
    • Check out our selection of short pants, short sleeve T'S, camisoles, sleeveless vests, and organic cotton striped baby shirts and leggings.
    • Although the night was cold, she was well wrapped up with bonnet, scarf, gloves, leggings and heavy coat.
    • Running tights or leggings have the same effect on your legs as a fleece and, since most of your body heat escapes through your head, a hat is a must.
    • The exhibition features a magnificent collection of richly embroidered clothing, including collars, belts, leggings and skirts.
    • All I have is my black jumpsuit, two pairs of leggings and three shirts.
    • The uniform consisted of a short skirt with leather leggings and Eton jacket.
    • The boy looked up, his hair ruffled and wet, his shirt and leggings torn.
    • In winter we wore leggings under our dresses and we covered our feet in rubber boots.
    • Some people wear a jogging suit, or leggings and an old t-shirt.
    • I did see that you started a thread about maternity wear elsewhere and I was going to reply to say that I know exactly what you meant about tight leggings and maternity smocks.
    • Bassist Chris Squire - wearing a flouncy black smock over skin-tight Lycra leggings tucked into Doc Marten boots - was having more of a ball than most.
    • Soon, a woman came in, wearing a flower-printed dress and black leggings.
    • The next day, Christina dressed in black spandex leggings and a white T-shirt.
    • Mia undressed for bed, slipping on leggings and an oversized shirt to serve as pyjamas.
  • 2

    (for lower leg)
    polainas femenino
    • The men wore antelope or mountain sheep skin leggings, shirts, breechcloths, and moccasins.
    • She put on a shirt and leggings of green leather, soft and supple.
    • Traditional clothing for men consisted of a breech-cloth, deerskin leggings, a shirt, and, in winter, moccasins.
    • Native American beaded pouches, leggings, and vests adorn the pinepaneled walls.
    • She was wearing her least favourite clothes; an off-white tunic, with green leggings.
    • Men wore breechcloths and capes in warm weather, adding fur robes and leggings when it turned cold.
    • The ruffians wore goatskin hats, gritty cloaks, and leggings of leather.
    • He was clad in leggings and a thigh-length tunic all in shades of green and brown.
    • I struggled into my usual black tunic, blue leggings, and black leather boots.
    • The women wore deerskin dresses, leggings, moccasins, and petticoats made of woven nettle or thistle fibers.
    • After her breakfast, Katherine raced to her room and pulled on her favorite hunting leggings and tunic.
    • She recognized the green tunic, the brown shirt, leggings and boots.
    • Her usual tunic and leggings were replaced with pale leather sewn with disks of what looked to be bone.
    • She wore a dark green tunic with black leggings and deer skin ankle boots.
    • From the waist down he was dressed in heavy leather leggings.
    • Today he was wearing the same garments he had donned then, a green tunic and leggings, with a brown belt and shoes and a cap with a bright pink feather sticking out of it.
    • He wore a leather loincloth, fur leggings, a fur garment, a grass cape, a fur hat and leather shoes stuffed with grass.
    • Mr Joyce has just returned from Basra where he was able to take dozens of helmets, tunics, leggings and boots to the under-privileged men.
    • For clothes, he just wore an old woodsman's shirt and leggings.
    • The cotton garments were soaked in water, then donned, along with helmets with eye slits, leggings and gloves.