Traducción de legible en Español:


legible, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈlɛdʒəb(ə)l//ˈlɛdʒɪb(ə)l/


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    • It will be clear and legible both for singers and musicians.
    • Half of the phrases are printed in reverse so that they are legible only when read from the other side of the cylinder.
    • Health staff must ensure all handwritten records are legible, dated and signed.
    • If they were to inspect it closely, they would find a large crack across the top cutting through an inscription which is now barely legible.
    • My signature takes longer to sign than most, because I've always tried to make my name legible.
    • I continued reading past the scribbles, where the handwriting once again became legible.
    • Short correspondence like thank-you notes can be handwritten if your handwriting is legible.
    • The artistic style in some cases overshadows the writings, no matter how clean and legible the writings are.
    • Her neat handwriting was flowing and legible, nothing like my slanted scrawl.
    • But if the note is made legible they hope it could provide further information.
    • The inscriptions on the dials of the clock tower were no longer legible.
    • As we sifted through the wreckage, I came across the charred but legible number plate - it was Polish!
    • Strange visual features include photographs of letters reproduced so small as to be barely legible.
    • I stared at the note, wishing that the mystery person had more legible handwriting.
    • He used the name Harris and wrote a barely legible address in Nottinghamshire.
    • Fortunately the eight legible digits provide enough information to enable you to supply the missing figures.
    • The menu controls in the viewfinder are equally bright, sharp and legible.
    • When he filled out the paperwork, his hand was so shaky that his name and address were hardly legible.
    • This book has an attractive look to it, with a legible typeface and good layout.
    • Records that were not legible or understandable could not be assessed for appropriateness.