Traducción de leonine en Español:


leonino, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈliəˌnaɪn//ˈliːənʌɪn/



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    • Does that mean he's supposed to be more edgy than his smiling, soft leonine friend?
    • The other boss is bearded, or leonine, with a protruding tongue.
    • Robert Graves, leonine, ascended grandly and delivered hilarious impromptu remarks before declaiming a poem.
    • Though no one would mistake that for a human face, it was actually imposing in a leonine way.
    • His leonine beard and the red shirt became symbols of valour, integrity, and independence.
    • Both the horse and the hawk are unruly, the latter swirling its head around instead of waiting in obedient stillness, and the dogs have curiously rounded leonine heads.
    • With his compact body and leonine looks, hair brushed back like a mane, Adam Hendrickson at 19 looks a little like the young Jean Babilee, and even dances with much of the intensity of the great French dancer.
    • The leonine David Leonard, the prince of dark villains, is celebrating his 15th year in the York Theatre Royal pantomime, fresh from a tour of playing the outrageously nice Richard in Alan Ayckbourn's Joking Apart.
    • Like the Sphinx of antiquity, I left him standing there staring at my mysterious, leonine face.
    • The others followed more slowly, with Jack lingering for a last look at the leonine face so far below, until Micki prodded him in the back to speed him up.
    • Yet one disruptive crew-member was met at the dock by a wife of leonine stature and all his bravado shrank.
    • Cian lounged casually in the plush dark green chair, his leonine eyes rarely leaving the silent girl that sat opposite him.
    • His drawings of mature male warrior types of leonine or dragon-like ferocity are a wonderful case in point.
    • The home team are known as the Lions, but as the first half died, there had been nothing leonine about their performance.
    • He had high cheek bones and a leonine head; a well-shaped noble sort of head.
    • The highlights of the season have been few and far between, but the performance of young players stands out - the fitful and enthusiastic Parker, the promising Martin Maher and, most of all, the leonine Emmanuel Panther.
    • Arthur grinned as he envisaged a leonine Uncle Louis growling at Alicia's suitor, then pouncing on him and chasing him out of the house.
    • In this strange attire he performs a stunning solo full of autumnal pride, leonine prowling and swan-like grace.
    • As the leonine family rejoiced in their reunion, Reid looked down at the drawings on the floor.
    • The patient has also found himself returning to Al Green and the leonine roar of Buju Banton.