Traducción de leper en Español:


leproso, n.

Pronunciación /ˈlɛpər//ˈlɛpə/



  • 1

    leproso masculino
    leprosa femenino
    he's a social leper lo tratan como a un paria
    • Every afternoon, the lepers would gather at the fence to mock the lunatics as they were let out for their exercise, performing their strange dances and shouting at unseen persecutors.
    • During those years she has raised thousands of pounds for the lepers and handicapped children who find themselves ostracised from Indian society.
    • There, Sethi was helping patients wobble down the corridor on their crutches, and I was teaching lepers to make handicrafts.
    • Stories about him include the usual details of lepers and sores and obviously he was nervous about women, thinking they needed to be kept separate even after death.
    • The tiny Chapel of St Mary Magdalen was established for lepers and blind priests in the early 12 th century by Thurstan, the Archbishop of York who founded Fountains Abbey.
    • The group has already taken six lepers who could not be accommodated at Lukupa Leprosarium to Kawama Transit Centre.
    • As Minister of Health he reorganized care for the mentally ill and for lepers, and in 1926 he became Minister of Internal Affairs.
    • Risking his life, Ernesto, who is asthmatic, swims across the river to declare his solidarity with the lepers.
    • When they finally come to the leper colony, where the lepers live in a shantytown on one side of the Amazon while the staff lives in relative luxury on the other that Ernesto comes to a decision about which side of the river he needs to be on.
    • In Bwa culture certain socially marginal personages, such as foreigners, dwarfs, or lepers, are perceived to facilitate contact with the spirit world.
    • Doctors among the lepers work with scant supplies, forgotten by the economically surging First World.
    • I went to Kalaupapa in Molokai and entertained lepers years ago.
    • The project will involve training and building opportunities for the children of lepers who are often ostracised for a disease they do not have.
    • The saint and the leper embrace and the leper is miraculously healed, but the real miracle is the love that makes healing and transformation possible.
    • Deeply inspired, Baker promptly came back to India as an architect and began to build treatment centers for lepers.
    • And then, in their free time, they cure lepers or build houses for entire villages in South America.
    • In the early 1930s, the lepers and mentally ill were removed from Robben Island and all the buildings burnt down.
    • He turned his back on his privileged background to care for lepers in Africa - only to die on a dusty roadside, cut down in a hail of bullets by guerrillas wielding AK47 assault rifles.
    • However, years spent among the farmers, fishermen, lepers and slum dwellers of more than 20 different countries rid Stackhouse of these easy assumptions.
    • It provided for blind priests, lepers and other poor people in need of care.