Traducción de lest en Español:


no sea que, conj.

Pronunciación /lɛst//lɛst/



  • 1

    (to prevent)
    (+ subj) no sea que
    hide, lest they discover you escóndete, no sea que / no vaya a ser que te descubran
    • lest we forget para que no olvidemos
    • Those in attendance are asked not to look directly at the panelists, lest you disturb the mood.
    • They are sent to sleep on the streets at night, lest they disturb the mother's business.
    • They usually prefer to keep their goals as vague as possible lest it count against them at the next election.
    • As to this it is necessary to avoid misapprehension lest the protection be too limited.
  • 2

    (in case)
    lest he be a spy por si acaso fuera un espía
    • we fear lest she discover our secret tememos que vaya a descubrir nuestro secreto