Hay 2 traducciones principales de let en Español

: let1let2


dejar, v.

verbo transitivoletting

  • 1

    • 1.1(allow to)

      to let sb/sth + inf
      • let the water run deja correr el agua
      • she lets them do what they like los deja hacer lo que quieren
      • let her speak déjala hablar
      • he let his hair grow se dejó crecer el pelo
      • let me help you deja que te ayude
      • don't let the fire go out no dejes que se apague el fuego
      • don't let me keep you no te quiero entretener
      • her pride won't let her admit she made a mistake su orgullo no le permite reconocer que cometió un error
      • you shouldn't let her talk to you like that no deberías permitir que te hable así
      • don't let me catch you here again! ¡que no te vuelva a pescar por aquí!
      • He lets Katie boss him around.
      • So, if your child has expressed interest in gardening, let them help you.
      • Stop letting self-consciousness hold you back.
      • I stopped blaming myself for letting Tom treat me like that.
      • As with everything else in the investment world, don't let greed and the desire for a quick buck overrule common sense.
      • Stop letting your hate consume you and go do something with your lives.
      • They just need to stay out of the way and let you and the boss go to work.
      • They provided us with tea and biscuits and let us wait in the day room.
      • Rachael decided that she wouldn't let what had happened earlier get to her.
      • He doesn't let his busy schedule prevent him from visiting Scotland regularly.
      • It's our job to formulate a clear question and let the people decide.
      • I was terribly disappointed that they didn't let me take it into the hospital with me.
      • We can't let a short term political imperative override long term economic factors.
      • Oliver shows no signs of letting his early health problems hold him back, having played four games for Yorkshire under-11s cricket team already this season.
      • The padding helps prevent soreness and lets you spend more time on the saddle.
      • This book works because it brings together some of the best writers of the twentieth and early twenty-first centuries and lets them speak for themselves.
      • Two of the group's leaders are county-standard archers and the facility will let them pass on their skills.
      • The security people let them pass with hardly a glance at their documentation.
      • But his boss won't let him leave - at least not until he completes one final contract.
      • In March, she let them sneak an early peek at the work in progress.

    • 1.2(cause to, make)

      to let sb/sth + inf
      • let me have your answer tomorrow! dame la respuesta / contéstame mañana
      • let me know if there are any problems avísame si hay algún problema
      • don't clean it: lethim do it! no lo limpies, deja que lo haga él
      • We sat in our car until just before 4pm when the traffic moved temporarily and someone let us in to the queue.
      • The court heard the driver of the Volvo pulled out after a van stopped to let him across the road.
      • When they reached her room, Ryder let Harry and Corrie in, Harry setting the boxes down on the coffee table.
      • On June 22, the woman was sitting in a chair when they appeared at her living room door, having let themselves in by the back door.
      • Torches lined the stairs, and an occasional stained-glass window let in some light.
      • So to help my trousers dry a little, I opened a window a couple of inches to let a bit of a breeze in.
      • He was going to let in his friend at the front door so they could visit another resident.
      • I took a deep breath, letting it out with a shuddering sigh.
      • A bogus caller was stopped in his tracks by a brave elderly woman who refused to let him in.
      • He bicycled to the winery and opened up the doors to let in the softer morning air.
      • An original sash window overlooking the front garden lets in plenty of light.
      • They let me through, I got on the bus to the plane, climbed on the plane and they shut the door behind me.
      • They let heat in but prevent it from getting out.
      • She opens the front door to let the cat in and the lock falls off in her hand.
      • Until then, most politicians were fearful of letting journalists into their smoke-filled rooms or on their campaign trains.
      • The following morning I'm woken up nice and early by the builders letting themselves in to the apartment.
      • His wife refused to let him in to the house.
      • I looked older than most teenagers and the doorman let me through without any hassle.
      • An eighty year old pensioner was tricked into letting a man into her home after he claimed he worked for the council and needed to measure her property last week.
      • The pores also let water out while allowing in chemicals that help block decay.

  • 2

    • 2.1

      to let sth/sb by / past dejar pasar algo/a algn
      • they stood aside and let him by / past se apartaron para dejarlo pasar
      • let me through! I'm a doctor déjenme pasar, soy médico
      • she won't let the dog in the house no deja que el perro entre en la casa
      • she let herself into the house abrió la puerta y entró en la casa
      • they weren't let on board the ship no los dejaron / no les permitieron subir a bordo

    • 2.2

      to let sb's blood hacerle una sangría a algn

  • 3

    • 3.1(in suggestions)

      let's go vámonos
      • let's ask Chris vamos a preguntarle a Chris
      • let's play dominoes! — yes, let's ¿por qué no jugamos al dominó? — ¡buena idea!
      • don't let's or let's not argue no discutamos

    • 3.2(in requests, proposals, commands)

      let's be quite clear about this que esto quede bien claro
      • let us pray oremos

  • 4

    • 4.1(in commands)

      let the show begin que empiece el espectáculo
      • let that be a lesson to you que te sirva de lección
      • let there be light hágase la luz

    • 4.2(expressing defiance, warning, threat)

      let them think what they like! ¡que piensen lo que quieran!
      • just let her/them try! ¡que se atreva/atrevan!

    • 4.3(in suppositions)

      let x equal 4 supongamos que x es igual a 4

  • 5Britanico

    to let sth to sb alquilarle algo a algn
    • [ S ]to let se alquila
    • The administration might even be letting rooms in the villages for the fall term.
    • Sisson said that professional letting agents will meet with potential tenants prior to letting the property.
    • Under the government's Rent a Room scheme, you can earn up to £4,250 tax free each tax year from letting a room in your home.
    • Essex County Council lets the site for a peppercorn rent.
    • Letters have been sent to solicitors and letting agents after police found people are letting properties for themselves then sub-letting them to prostitutes.
    • If re-housed, these applicants could sell their property for a profit or let the property and receive a rental income from it.
    • Does a landlord, however, control premises which are let out to tenants?
    • The event is aimed primarily at owners of empty properties in the private sector and visitors can get free advice on a range of topics linked to letting property.
    • It is as well to check the conditions of your mortgage before letting the property.
    • Even if your particular room has been let it is usually possible to stay in one of the others that is free.
    • She and the children want to move into our rather small house and let her property, thereby providing an income.
    • Income from letting French property must be declared to the French tax authorities by April 30 each year.
    • Mr Bennett's business is mainly letting property to students.
    • All of the sites are currently let to strong tenants and are being sold by private treaty.
    • The government says such protection is no longer appropriate and discourages investors from letting properties.
    • When one frees up the house - it is let to a public tenant.
    • Since then he has purchased another three houses that he lets out to tenants.
    • She will take charge of letting the property in the future.
    • The council also wants to start targeting private landlords in a bid to encourage them to consider letting their properties to people receiving housing benefit.
    • Almost all private landlords will only let properties on a shorthold tenancy, in order to protect their investment.

verbo intransitivoletting


  • 1

    (room/office) alquilarse

Hay 2 traducciones principales de let en Español

: let1let2


let, n.

Pronunciación /lɛt//lɛt/


  • 1

    (in tennis)
    let masculino
    red femenino
    • He called 23 lets, eight no lets and 10 strokes, as Hopwood eventually levelled the match.
    • I believe I have a very good understanding of lets and strokes.
    • In a first game that lasted nearly 30 minutes, she maintained her composure through a series of lets, strokes, and no lets.
    • If you encounter interference and then play the ball, you have no right to a let.
    • It was stop start game with both players looking for lets and strokes.
    • There are few, if any, lets and the strokes awarded are obvious.
  • 2Britanico

    contrato de arrendamiento masculino
    I can't get a let for my house no logro alquilar / arrendar mi casa
    • they specialize in holiday lets se especializan en el alquiler / el arrendamiento de residencias de vacaciones
    • While short lets of a week, a month or six months cost substantially more, reductions are offered for a standard year-long contract.
    • If you intend to let the property for short-term holiday lets, then the service will need to include changeovers and handover of the keys.
    • In high season, lets run from Friday to Friday but later in the year mid week and weekend lets are often available.
    • St John's owns a former coalyard next door as well as four terraced cottages which are currently rented on short lets - they would be demolished under the proposals.
    • The first development, Leitrim Quay, has 13 houses for short-term lets.
    • Estates advertising holiday cottages often also have long-term lets available.
    • The agency would strive towards securing long term lets which would suit tenants and landlords.
    • The occupiers would be lower order users (such as car breaking) who would occupy the units on short lets at cheap rents.
    • Fully furnished, it is set up for holiday and short-term lets.
    • Once the conversion is complete, the new flats must be affordable and available for short-term lets.
  • 3formal

    without let or hindrance sin impedimento ni obstáculo