Traducción de lethargic en Español:


aletargado, adj.

Pronunciación /lɪˈθɑːdʒɪk//ləˈθɑrdʒɪk/


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    (mood/movement) aletargado
    (response) sin energía
    (response) apático
    hot weather makes me very lethargic el calor me aletarga
    • They looked tired and lethargic with absolutely none of the sparkle we have associated with them in the past.
    • While such a form of epilepsy would not feature seizures, the condition can be seen in lethargic children.
    • He had pneumonia and diarrhoea and was severely anaemic and lethargic.
    • If we are too relaxed, we become lethargic, wasteful and languid.
    • All of us were suffering from headaches, feeling nauseated and very lethargic.
    • If you are confused, lethargic, or have a fever, someone should take you to the hospital.
    • Its rulers could not have been that lethargic, or its diplomacy so tortuous, for it to have survived for such a long period.
    • Is he shaking with rigors, is he awake and alert and comfortable, or is he lethargic?
    • I breeze through the Pilates class, where everybody else was tired and lethargic.
    • Mrs Lewis said she had felt unwell, lethargic, irritable and overweight for many years.
    • After seemingly endless weeks of constant commotion, they appear listless and lethargic.
    • I got very sick and I had inflammation of the brain, and I was very lethargic.
    • As a result, many seemed lethargic and sluggish when it came to taking the game to Brazil in the second half.
    • Over the previous two days he had been feeling increasingly tired, lethargic, polyuric, and thirsty.
    • However, presentations where a patient is hypo-alert and lethargic may go unrecognised.
    • If the cat is lethargic and his coat is dull and unhealthy looking, this too may be a sign.
    • Her health was poor, although stable, until the morning of admission, when she became disoriented and lethargic.
    • Most claimed to be fully adherent only on occasions when they felt lethargic or unwell.
    • Furthermore, filling up on fatty foods like bacon or cheese makes you tired, lethargic and apathetic.
    • The boy was lethargic and confused but seemed to recognise his mother.