Traducción de letter en Español:


carta, n.

Pronunciación /ˈlɛdər//ˈlɛtə/


  • 1

    (written message)
    carta femenino
    his letters have just been published su epistolario acaba de publicarse
    • letter of introduction carta de recomendación
    • letter of advice carta de aviso
    • letter of credit carta de crédito
    • letter of intent carta de intenciones
    • before noun letter rack portacartas
    • I'm not much of a letter writer no soy muy buen corresponsal
    • letter writing is quite an art escribir cartas es todo un arte
    • Four of the alternatives relied on the letter of intent dated 5th February 1997.
    • There were four letters of objection to the development from residents.
    • You sign a letter of intent pledging to invest a higher amount within 13 months.
    • Write them a letter, or send them a fax, or call them, or better yet, go see them!
    • What does he want as proof, a duly signed letter of intent?
    • Headteachers have been told to stop sending warning letters to parents alerting them to outbreaks of head lice in schools.
    • Why was the covering letter dated 12 June 1997?
    • We'll stick to the big social events and if people want other things in these pages they can write letters and send us pictures.
    • He also sent out the letter before he wrote it (according to the date).
    • I must have written him a letter, because he sent me a postcard in reply.
    • I could get more rejection letters in a week than it had previously taken me ten years to get!
    • Instead, they issued an open letter to the mayor demanding the release of the four leaders.
    • Submit an Op-Ed to your local paper or send letters to the editor about EC.
    • The strangest part of it is that the press just printed it without checking in to see if we really wrote or sent the letter.
    • There have been no letters of objection and the plans are earmarked for approval.
    • He was eventually jailed for two years in 1997 for sending threatening letters to a Scottish newspaper and news agency.
    • Can you tell how awful I am at writing love letters?
    • Please fax or e-mail a resume and cover letter stating your interest.
    • Richmond Police are sending warning letters to parents of children caught buying or attempting to buy alcohol.
    • For example, most daily newspapers will not publish anonymous letters to the editor.
  • 2

    • 2.1(of alphabet)

      letra femenino
      a two-/eight-letter word una palabra de dos/ocho letras
      • she's the only one in the family with letters after her name es la única de la familia que tiene título
      • I had to relearn how to position my mouth and tongue to form the sounds of each letter of the alphabet.
      • Children and teachers were sitting looking at books together, but they were not being taught the alphabet and the sounds different letters represent.
      • The numbers represent the letters of the alphabet, which in turn are connected to a key word and then to informatics and finally to knowledge development.
      • It probably had something to do with beta being the second letter in the Greek alphabet.
      • The reason that their explanations didn't quite work is that they made the mistake of referring to letters rather than to sounds.
      • If three letters together represent a single sound, they constitute a trigraph, such as tch in catch and sch in schmaltz.
      • You know that the last letter of the English alphabet is always pronounced ‘Zed’.
      • I typed the second letter of the alphabet.
      • There was the alphabet up on the wall, and the teacher explained to us five-year-olds straight off, how the letters represented sounds.
      • However, by using special lighting techniques it was seen that some of the characters looked like letters of the Russian alphabet.
      • The flags are held, arms extended, in various positions representing each of the letters of the alphabet or numbers.
      • Lowercase letters indicate the flanking region, and capital letters indicate the microsatellite region.
      • Mrs Sulley taught me the letters of the alphabet and the sounds they represented.
      • The region indicated by lowercase letters represents the P-element sequence.
      • Three of its vowels are each represented by a letter of the alphabet.
      • For the present we are concentrating on ciphers where the basic symbols are the letters of the English alphabet.
      • A group of eight bits makes up a byte, which can represent many types of information, such as a letter of the alphabet or decimal character.
      • After all, the first letter of the alphabet you are now reading had its genesis as a symbolic representation of an ox.
      • Our names would have been around the first four letters of the alphabet.
      • Yes, there are some children who are severely dyslexic - who have trouble with basic sounds and alphabet letters.

    • 2.2letters pluralformal (literature)

      a man of letters un escritor
      • a woman of letters una escritora
      • Canadian art, literature, and letters have traditionally mythologized the North.

verbo transitivo

  • 1

    (card/invitation) grabar
    (card/invitation) (con letras) estampar
    • In each case, the parenthetical portion of the title in this series is lettered across the painting's lower edge in a classic upper-case Roman font.
    • Except for a few brief exceptions, he always pencilled, lettered and inked his own work at the rate of one page per day - no more, no less.
    • Yet the names of donors are lettered on the walls, museum-style.
    • Horse racing is big in New Zealand, and, before the advent of electronic displays, the bookmakers lettered horses' names on white wooden boards in heavy black sans-serif characters.
    • The name has been professionally lettered on in bright letters.
    • The group logo comprises a giraffe, the animal rendered as if cut out from paper, lettered in a rounded classical font with exaggerated ascenders on the letter ‘f’.
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    (designate by letter)
    the rows are lettered A through G las filas van por letras de la A a la G