Traducción de letterbox en Español:


buzón, n.


  • 1

    buzón masculino
    • The fire had been started by petrol being poured into the house through the letter box in the front door and the petrol being ignited.
    • He said it was not foreseeable that leaving junk mail half in and half out of a letter box could cause this damage.
    • I notice that they do not seem to lose the deluge of junk mail that comes through our letter box, which goes straight into our bin.
    • What did they do with the direct mail when it came through the letter box?
    • The front door of the house and three other windows were blown out, and a letter box was also destroyed by the blast.
    • A lit firework was wedged in the letter box in the front door and blasted part of the door through the living room.
    • There was no vehicle parked outside, there was no bang on the door and no card through the letter box.
    • After looking through the letter box the youth tried the front door and went inside the house.
    • With no reply to a knock at the door, he looked in the letter box.
    • The photographer squats down and says something through the letter box, and the door opens about six inches and we all squeeze in.
    • A firework was pushed through the letter box of the building and set fire to items of mail, causing smoke damage to the building on Owen Road.
    • In Beverley, a firework was pushed through the letter box of a house and exploded in the box, causing damage.
    • Later, one of the council dog wardens brought in to look after animal welfare arranged for a slice of chicken to be pushed through the letter box of the front door.
    • He said the building had been fitted out with a letter box and kitchenette.
    • Do not leave keys within reach of the letter box or in a hiding place outside
    • I attracted a family of dusky flycatchers to an old letter box attached to a wall three metres or so off the ground.
    • Its only connection seems to be that it has a phone box in front, and a letter box set in the wall.
    • Mike had done exactly as instructed and left via the front door putting the key through the letter box.
    • The council put a note through the letter box stating we are banned from parking outside our houses for the duration to speed up traffic.
    • Walking down her long driveway, she paused briefly to check the mail in the letter box before continuing down to the sidewalk.