Traducción de libelous en Español:


difamatorio, adj.

(British libellous)

Pronunciación /ˈlʌɪb(ə)ləs//ˈlaɪbələs/


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    (article/remark) difamatorio
    • You must have known the ‘facts’ upon which you based your libellous story were false.
    • Anonymous e-mailers shouldn't get away with false and libelous statements.
    • Therefore, in considering the extent of constitutional protection for arguably libellous speech, we ordinarily are dealing with statements that are false.
    • It was conceded by the defendant that the impugned language used in the letter was libellous.
    • These damages are measured by how much the libelous statements lower the plaintiff's reputation.
    • Posting of slanderous, libelous, abusive or defamatory material is totally prohibited.
    • Repeating someone else's libellous statement is just as bad as making the statement directly.
    • Something defamatory is libellous only if it's untrue.
    • A libelous campaign pamphlet is harder to punish if it is anonymous.
    • It must also be pointed out that there is a difference between the publishing of material that is found to be libelous and stories that may be false, but injure no individual's reputation.
    • They use the example of stock message boards where people reveal all sorts of defaming and libelous content to try to move a stock.
    • Who can get the other to tell the more libelous story?
    • The defendants denied the article was libellous and said even if it was, they were covered by a number of defences.
    • There have been a number of cases where the courts have refused to enforce copyright as the works in question were considered libellous, immoral, obscene, scandalous or irreligious.
    • We will remove any content that may put us in legal jeopardy, such as potentially libellous or defamatory postings.
    • The claimant cannot select apparently libellous statements if the passage taken as a whole is not defamatory.
    • In the name of press freedom and nationalism we deliberately wrote seditious and criminally libellous articles against colonial governments.
    • If a letter is potentially libelous, slanderous or appears to have been written with malice or harmful intent, it will be edited or rejected.
    • When does a joke stop being funny and start being libellous?
    • However, fabricating malicious falsehoods and then actively circulating them not only belies any profession of Christianity but is defamatory and libelous.
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    (accusation/charge) calumnioso
    (accusation/charge) injurioso