Traducción de liberate en Español:


poner en libertad, v.

Pronunciación /ˈlɪbəˌreɪt//ˈlɪbəreɪt/

verbo transitivo

  • 1

    • 1.1formal (set free)

      (hostage/prisoner) poner en libertad
      (hostage/prisoner) dejar en libertad
      (hostage/prisoner) liberar
      • She was liberated in 1945 and trekked back to Poland, still cold and starving but with a one-way ticket to Warsaw.
      • When the American soldiers liberated him, Tom began a two-year stint in various hospitals, battling for his life.
      • From what were they supposed to be liberating us?

    • 1.2

      (nation/people) liberar
      (people/nation) libertar
      (woman) liberar
      • The pair had not seen one another since their Stalag camp was liberated by the Russians.
      • As towns and villages were liberated by these forces, so new revolutionary authorities were set up.
      • They fought on foreign shores, flew through enemy skies and risked their lives to liberate the world.
      • That means we must wait at least nine days before arriving back to liberate the city just after it has fallen into enemy hands.
      • There was an unspoken message - the country that twice helped liberate Europe is counting on its allies now.
      • Years ago the Tuskegee airmen helped liberate Europe in World War II.
      • We will be covering all the main events, plus the special commemorations involving the Yorkshire soldiers who fought in the Normandy landings and the battle to liberate Europe.
      • The most horrific moments in the film come when the Allies liberate the town from Nazi rule.
      • When he was 15, his town was liberated by U.S. soldiers.
      • The image is of the passive Asian woman subject to oppressive practices within the Asian family with an emphasis on wanting to ‘help’ Asian women liberate themselves from their role.
      • He'd been there two days when U.S. troops liberated the camp on April 29, 1945.
      • You came to liberate us from an unjust leader who killed and tortured us.
      • If it had just been a few months later, he said, the camp would have been liberated.
      • Athens was liberated by the Allies.
      • Assuming the role of Joan, you go about killing hordes of enemies in order to liberate France.
      • Well, I mean, the press was led in right behind the troops who were liberating those places.
      • The whole point of the experience was to be liberated from social conventions, not to create new ones.
      • Thank you, because you liberated us from the worst kind of dictatorship.
      • In the end, unlike in Naples, Milan, Turin, Venice, Genoa and other cities, the Resistance did not liberate the capital city.
      • Celebrating the nerd liberates so many young people.

  • 2

    • Although glucose and oxygen react spontaneously to liberate energy, they do so exceedingly slowly at room temperature outside of a cell.
    • The bond thus liberated is accepted by a water molecule.
    • Consider what would happen if part of the energy liberated during the reaction went into vaporizing the water.
    • If that methane were suddenly liberated from its enclosing clathrate prison the impact on the carbon isotope record would be immediate and severe.
    • The compound lithium hydride, LiH, is a polar covalent solid that reacts with water to liberate hydrogen gas and form basic solutions of the metal hydroxide.

verbo intransitivo

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    a liberating experience una experiencia liberadora