Traducción de libertarian en Español:


libertario, n.

Pronunciación /ˌlɪbərˈtɛriən//ˌlɪbəˈtɛːrɪən/


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    libertario masculino
    libertaria femenino
    • I hope to see a comprehensive attempt at a rebuttal of realist theory by the libertarian minimalist school.
    • Indeed, some civil libertarians have already argued that this is the appropriate line.
    • The Detroit News editorial page is historically a conservative editorial page with libertarian leanings.
    • Civil libertarians argue this is hardly an onerous burden for law enforcement.
    • Even the thoroughgoing libertarians have to ask what to do in light of that reality.
    • Right-wing libertarians in the US view Castro as one of the nastier dictators in the world.
    • Personally, I have an instinctive attraction to some aspects of libertarian ideals.
    • I'm more of a libertarian socialist, if we must have classifications.
    • Civil libertarians and privacy advocates will no doubt continue to call for caution in consumers' use of the VeriChip.
    • However, try telling that to an employer, civil libertarians argue.
    • Libertarians believe in self-governance as related to both personal and economic issues.
    • Certainly, the Right possesses a set of libertarian ideals many Americans embrace.
    • Was Laura's routine a sign that we're entering a libertarian conservative phase?
    • I'm a left-wing libertarian myself, and I agree with you entirely on the subject of drug legalization.
    • New Hampshire beat out nine other states, all with small populations and libertarian leanings.
    • Go read it, especially if you're a hardcore libertarian.
    • Cleaving to principle means something more than holding high and not contradicting the ultimate libertarian ideal.
    • Second, I'm not a hard-core ideologue, as many self-described libertarians are.
    • I am afraid that I remain a total libertarian on such issues.
    • One can understand how a monetarist central banker with a libertarian bent might object.
    • The libertarian minimalists will likely find my outlook to be anathema to their own.
    • Even hardcore libertarians accept restrictions on liberty when the behavior harms others.
    • Left- and right-wing libertarians alike are skeptical of any laws that impede commercial free speech.
    • Civil libertarians and many Democrats say those powers are overreaching and have fought to have them rolled back.
    • Rather, hard-core libertarians believe that government is naturally extremely prone to error, both moral and factual.
    • On the other hand, the libertarian socialist critique of consumerism appears surprisingly, if not uncomfortably pertinent.
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    Filosofía Religión
    persona que cree en el libre albedrío
    • He also reviewed the 1717 book and defended a doctrine of libertarian free will as he had in the earlier correspondence.
    • Some philosophers - usually called libertarians - resolutely believe that voluntary decisions actually are created by the will, free of causal antecedents.
    • Some of these incompatibilists, libertarians, hold that at least some persons have free will and that, therefore, determinism is false.
    • The good of libertarian free will requires, in short, the possibility of moral evil.
    • In this article I try to refute the so-called libertarian theory of free will, and to examine how our conclusions ought to modify our common attitudes of praise and blame.



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