Traducción de liberty en Español:


libertad, n.

Pronunciación /ˈlɪbəti//ˈlɪbərdi/

nombrePlural liberties

  • 1

    • 1.1(freedom)

      libertad femenino
      to deprive sb of (her/his) liberty privar a algn de su libertad
      • May I remind you that if you drive while disqualified over the next two years, you could lose your liberty.
      • I had lost my liberty, but they wanted to punish me on top of that.
      • While there is nothing significant about the circumstances in which the appellant lost his liberty in that case, the facts are very different from here.
      • It is plain that the purpose of a licence is to enable the long-term prisoner to stay out of trouble, both for his own benefit and for the benefit of the community, and so that thereby he does not lose his liberty.
      • They lost their liberty, their livelihoods, their communities, and their possessions.
      • Any solicitor could advise him that he has no fears of losing his liberty.
      • She added that the amendment would make it difficult for judges who had to decide on house arrest but if people had to lose their liberty she would prefer it to be on the say so of a judge rather than a politician.
      • Even though I would come to choose the barracks over the jail house I know what it is to lose your liberty.
      • The 14th Amendment said the formerly enslaved could not be deprived of life, liberty, or property.
      • You lose your liberty, as he did for three weeks.
      • The applicants have claimed that their removal and detention constituted wrongful imprisonment and deprivation of liberty.
      • There may be a crime against humanity where there is a serious deprivation of physical liberty short of imprisonment.
      • Mr Maxwell added that the defendant had been making steps towards living a proper lifestyle and, if she lost her liberty, she would be back to square one.
      • Criminals are being warned that they could lose their liberty and their lavish lifestyle thanks to the dedicated efforts of a North Yorkshire Police team.
      • People lose their lives and liberty in the struggle for democracy, which tells me that elections must be a good thing.
      • Finally, there is no compensation for the five men who lost 20 months of liberty as punishment for a crime they did not commit.
      • The crimes that the men committed are contemptible and grave, and the men deserve to lose their liberty for them.
      • The convicted thief will lose his right to liberty by being placed in prison.
      • Mrs Camidge said: ‘For the last two months he has been living in fear of losing his liberty through his foolishness.’
      • I refer in particular to the fact that, in order for my client to lose his liberty, two decisions have to be taken.

    • 1.2(right)

      libertad femenino
      • It is the means by which a court, exercising its power to determine guilt, guards rights and liberties of those accused by requiring proof up to a certain standard.
      • Essential civil and political liberties have been denied so systematically that they may as well be luxuries.
      • It is accordingly not a right to exercise liberties (such as free speech or association) within a prison's walls.
      • A Bill of Rights was soon added to the constitution specifically to protect the individual liberties of citizens.
      • Government itself was formed so that every member of society may be protected and secured in the peaceable quiet possession and enjoyment of all those liberties and privileges which the deity has bestowed upon him.
      • There will always be those who abuse certain privileges or liberties, but those few cannot ruin an entitlement for the rest.
      • When the framers of the constitution were first debating it, few people imagined that Congress would prove to be the basic guarantor of American liberties.
      • The political liberties have a central importance in making well-being human.
      • Before adopting the world's norms, we should ask whether those norms protect these rights and liberties, and live up to the principles that have served us so well for so long.
      • By aggressively expanding the scope of free institutions worldwide, we ultimately guarantee our own liberties at home.
      • The Great Charter confirmed previous royal charters and incorporates previous liberties, privileges and exemptions, which the city had formerly enjoyed.
      • People's basic liberties are taken away in this measure.
      • Disorder provides an excuse to rescind liberties in the name of restoring calm.
      • We believed that our rights, privileges and liberties did not derive from the king or government, but rather were a gift from god.
      • Individuals will respond by sacrificing personal liberties for increased security, and by resolving that normal life must go on.
      • Conversely, countries currently enjoying religious liberties are expected to show increases in religiosity with time.
      • The Ausgleich was a complicated balance of royal prerogatives and national liberties.
      • In this sense, the king may repeal parliament, common law, and liberties at will.
      • Political rights and liberties are permissive advantages, and their effectiveness depends on how they are exercised.
      • He says currently human rights and fundamental liberties are not enshrined clearly and completely anywhere in Australian legislation.

  • 2Britanico

    (presumptuous action)
    what a liberty! ¡qué descaro / atrevimiento!
  • 3EEUU

    licencia femenino
    permiso masculino
    • During the INR, Sailors were given liberty to go explore the Big Apple.
    • Sailors on the ship, ashore on liberty or in the local community would raise their level of awareness and be on the lookout for anything unusual.
    • ‘It's good to take time out from the ship and enjoy some liberty,’ Joe added.
    • A Sailor, on liberty in a foreign port, was returning to his ship when a knife-wielding assassin attacked him.
    • Second, when their workload permits, Sailors get special liberty the day before their final exams to study, similar to what many commands do for advancement exams.