Traducción de library en Español:


biblioteca, n.

Pronunciación /ˈlʌɪbrəri//ˈlʌɪbri//ˈlaɪˌbrɛri//ˈlaɪb(ə)ri/

nombrePlural libraries

  • 1

    (room, building)
    biblioteca femenino
    public/town library biblioteca pública/municipal
    • before noun library book libro de la biblioteca
    • library card / ticket credencial de lector
    • library paste cola blanca
    • You can use the kitchen, the library, the living room.
    • Downstairs there is a library, living room, terrace and a kitchen and dining area.
    • The castle has a panelled dining room, a library, a billiards room and a grand hall.
    • So you look at the overall campus and you look at lots and lots of rooms: libraries, dorm rooms, classrooms, cubicles and so forth.
    • It's easier to borrow the book from a public library or buy it from a second-hand bookshop.
    • The students can then access the presentation at the school library at his/her convenience.
    • Students are considering the energy sources in their own dorms, libraries and classrooms and then working to harness this buying power to create a clean energy revolution.
    • The house has two studies, a library, a 15 ft kitchen, dining room, family room, sitting room, drawing room and two bathrooms.
    • When I was a lad, all those years ago, I was an assistant to the Librarian at Queens' College, Cambridge, a post which gave me access to the inner sanctum of the library.
    • After the game room came the three guest rooms, the kitchen, the library, the informal living room and Rob's bedroom.
    • For the same money, you can buy a three-bedroom Greek beach house with a sitting room, library, fitted kitchen and bathroom.
    • It had a dining room, spacious living room with a central fireplace, an impressive kitchen, a small breakfast room, a large library and a sitting room.
    • The ground floor also features a library and dining room.
    • Each month 10 per cent of all book sales to library members goes back to the Richmond-Tweed Regional Library for the purchase of new books.
    • By publicly borrowing library books, patrons forfeit any constitutional protections they may have had in their reading habits.
    • Further, we found a severe lack of Latino children's literature in the libraries and classrooms of schools in this study.
    • When interrupted or just merely looking up, common places like my bedroom, the library or my school gym are foreign to me.
    • Students in year three and four were given two days off, and are now back at the school using the library as a temporary classroom.
    • For sixty years the Geology Museum remained in the public library building.
    • The floating glass divider turns up again to encapsulate a private library and two guest bedrooms.
    • It is a single-family four-bedroom house, with a living room, dining room, library, kitchen, two bathrooms, yard and garage.
    • The library and drawing room looked almost normal compared to the bizarre collection of marble busts, classical casts and ancient antiquities that covered the walls of the rooms behind.
    • A newspaper dating from 1867 was one of three items found in a glass bottle in the wall cavity between the school library and a classroom.
    • Children may not be able to return to a school in September after a £1m fire devastated four classrooms, a library and a hall.
    • This included various workshops and activities and visiting speakers were available to youngsters in the library and the school hall.
    • The villa had running water, underfloor heating, bathing facilities, two libraries, a reception room and bedrooms surrounding an internal patio.
    • Showmen would also tour schools, libraries and concert halls with the apparatus showing off the latest film slides.
    • I researched sailboat building at our town library and Boston Public Library.
    • In 1911 the collection was placed on view in a third-floor gallery at the new public library building at Forty-second Street.
    • After adding on more casual spaces, he'll turn a little-used living room into a library, study, or game room.
    • Dominic's room was more like a hotel luxury suite complete with a living room and a private library.
    • It was raining when I left home, heading to university to return my library book to stop the fine accruing at $3 a day.
    • There are two formal reception rooms on the ground floor, as well as a kitchen, breakfast room, library, study, conservatory and guest bathroom.
    • He was cordial and invited me to his small private drawing room and library.
    • He was led through the library, study rooms and multimedia centre.
    • It includes a library, kitchen, four main bedrooms, a dressing room, two bathrooms, three further attic bedrooms and a study.
    • The bedrooms are linked to the bathrooms, dressing rooms, libraries and anterooms.
    • So a university gets a new library building but no funds for new books.
    • Along the cool corridors are private dining rooms, libraries, a gymnasium, and Turkish baths.
    • The property includes eight bedrooms, a library, study, a conservatory, and two wine cellars.
  • 2

    (of books) biblioteca femenino
    (of pictures) archivo fotográfico masculino
    (of films) filmoteca femenino
    (of records) discoteca femenino
    (of newspapers) hemeroteca femenino
    a library of programs una colección de programas
    • before noun library pictures imágenes de archivo
    • Experts analysing the anthrax used in the US attacks are comparing its DNA with a library of strains collected worldwide.
    • One may lament the absence of a libretto but the CD version will probably be in most collectors' libraries anyway.
    • This includes photo libraries, research databases and detailed archives.
    • They visited the stables, admiring the horses, and settled in to read from the extensive library Geoff had collected.
    • He left behind a much smaller library of recorded works than Sun Ra, but what a collection it is.
    • Like family heirlooms, libraries and research collections gain luster with age and use.
    • This is not a recording to build a library with, then.
    • His annotated score, as well as a beautifully bound presentation copy signed by every member of the orchestra, is among the thousands of scores and sound recordings in the library.
    • Start your library by researching other denominational hymnals.
    • It is not surprising then that the young Abdurrahman was encouraged to debate ideas and issues and to read widely in his father's extensive library.
    • The museum houses a library with about 60,000 books related to Gandhi and the various causes he espoused.
    • I trust that you will find this issue a welcome addition to your library.
    • ‘He's simpatico with the culture and has a whole library of recorded sounds from that area,’ Karp said.
    • A few Italian book collectors began to amass libraries of unprecedented proportions: one cardinal is said to have had as many as 15,000 books.
    • This volume belongs in all college and research libraries, and in scholars' professional collections.
    • Often, I've found, it's just the coincidental timing of first hearing and life events that have made them assume a special place in the recording library inside my head.
    • Many people who would not think of themselves as collectors amass considerable libraries in their lifetime.
    • This practical guide for pedagogy students and teachers is a welcome addition to our collective libraries.
    • Onboard, take advantage of the research library and expert naturalists.
    • Readers with deep pockets should feel free to purchase this W.B. Yeats second issue for my library.
    • The archive functions as a dance library and research center, much like the New York City Public Library's Dance Collection.