Traducción de library science en Español:

library science

biblioteconomía, n.



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    biblioteconomía femenino
    bibliotecología femenino
    • We knew that our concerns are different from computer science, library science, information science or even communication, and yet all of these areas were a part of the picture.
    • A degree in linguistics from the University of California, Santa Cruz led her to graduate studies in library science at UC Berkeley.
    • I'll be the first to admit that I know nothing about library science, and I could be completely missing the point here, but I do understand the concept of universals and its propensity towards boxing, or at least ordering, chaos.
    • She was most proud of her work to support and encourage her staff to earn masters degrees in library science, and she ensured them a librarian position when they graduated.
    • Armed with a master's degree in library science from Atlanta University and a commitment to the profession, Johnson joined the Brooklyn Public Library System 20 years ago.
    • She then earned a master's in library science and worked in Army libraries in Italy and Germany until her 1993 retirement.
    • He holds a bachelor's degree in sociology from Creighton University and a master's in library science from the University of Illinois.
    • It combines traditional concepts in library science with new software architecture to enable a modern archive that guarantees the long-term preservation and access to digital records.
    • The stigmatization of community librarians in the field of library science has continued, in part, as community librarians leave ill-paid posts to work in corporate America.
    • I am currently in graduate school studying library science and history.
    • Careers to be discussed include patent information, marketing and business development, library science, consulting, and scientific/technical writing.
    • Our personal backgrounds in library science and our passion for findability have led us to focus a good deal of our energy on content-rich sites.
    • He examines the development and institutional peculiarities of the library from the perspective of library science and, much to his credit, does not hesitate to point to its organizational problems and shortcomings.
    • However, graduate students in math, science, engineering, education, and library science are also eligible for the awards.
    • The marketing hype of Silicon Valley, the advent of the Internet, the push of the dot com era and the entry of computational linguists and artificial intelligence to the realm of information and library science have all played a role.
    • The undergraduate award is renewable through graduate school programs in math, science, engineering, library science and education.
    • Enrolments in other professional faculties such as architecture, law, library science, education and social work also increased greatly.
    • Since the current practice of information architecture was largely influenced by library science, this should come as no surprise.
    • That came a few years later, when after getting a master's degree in library science from the University of Texas and settling down in Austin, she accepted an invitation from an old friend in Midland to attend a barbecue there.
    • And library science found a prominent place in the sun, formalizing information architecture as an integral part of successful Web experiences.