Traducción de licking en Español:


paliza, n.

Pronunciación /ˈlɪkɪŋ//ˈlɪkɪŋ/



  • 1

    paliza femenino coloquial
    • And in the bargain her self-esteem has taken a licking.
    • ‘Whoever did this to you got a good licking on you,’ The doctor had commented as he took the needle in and out of David's face.
    • The target plates and the horizontal protective baffle seen at the front of the frame are tough and can really take a licking.
    • A licking from his father was certainly no joke.
    • And if the gossip she heard was true, they were busy fighting for their own survival, though they were giving the Germans a hell of a licking.
    • But Clara knew Zeke would much rather take a licking from Isaiah than have to deal with Beth Ann who could find ways to make the punishment last a lot longer.
    • But even if some investors take a licking, the lure of higher yields will draw others.
    • On top of that my big brother, Jake, hit a baseball through the porch window and made me take the blame, so I ended up with a licking from Dad.
    • Well, Tony Danza is taking a licking, but he keeps on ticking.
    • They gave me about three years based on the pathology report of the liver biopsy, and I take a licking but I keep on ticking.
    • But in both cases, the economic recoveries then in progress were robust enough to take the licking and keep on ticking.
    • I don't know how many times I've had conversations with friends where we joked and laughed about the lickings we got from our parents, and sometimes our teachers.
    • What we're watching is the ID contestant taking a sound licking.
    • Every notable conservative takes a licking, as do a few liberals.
    • Then one day in the middle of summer, we were giving them an awful licking.
    • Still, he is a gutsy little guy who keeps ticking after he takes a licking.
    • But the Buffalo takes a licking and keeps on ticking.
    • And now people are looking to see if he can take a licking and keep on ticking.
    • The thing is, he knew that I knew I deserved those lickings.
    • The team were on the receiving end of a couple of lickings last week.
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    paliza femenino
    tunda femenino
    his father gave him a good licking el padre le dio una buena paliza