Traducción de lieutenant en Español:


teniente de navío, n.

Pronunciación /lɛfˈtɛnənt//luˈtɛnənt/


  • 1

    (in navy)
    teniente de navío masculino
    (en Chile) teniente primero masculino
    • Sir James has commanded in every rank from lieutenant to vice-admiral.
    • He was a Navy lieutenant who fought in real battles.
    • Appointed first lieutenant in the Continental Navy in 1775, Jones received the command of the Ranger in 1777.
    • As a Royal Navy lieutenant, he was awarded the Distinguished Service Cross for navigating unchartered waters off the Burmese coast.
    • As a lieutenant in the Navy, I put my letter of resignation in a year before the end of my commitment.
    • He was a surgeon lieutenant in the navy and a major in the special forces for the sultan of Oman.
    • Refusing exemption, he had joined the navy as a lieutenant and was about to take charge of the Admiralty's Educational Film Unit.
    • He served two tours as a lieutenant in the navy in Vietnam between December 1967 and April 1969, when he returned to the US with three Purple Hearts and a Silver Star.
    • The two former military officers (Woodward served as a lieutenant in the Navy) have been amigos for more than a dozen years.
    • Who makes up and then runs current innovation efforts, lieutenants or admirals?
    • Initially the Navy had only two ranks, lieutenant and captain; flag ranks were not established until the Civil War.
    • Lieutenants were just lieutenants, without the division of sub-lieutenants, but their seniority was all-important, and taken from the Navy list.
    • Nuclear propulsion pay will now be received by sub lieutenants and lieutenants at category A levels on completion of their engineer officer of the watch board.
    • In September 1945 I was a surgeon lieutenant in the Royal Navy in Ceylon when I was sent to Sumatra with a naval landing party to Belawan Deli, the port for Medan, the principal city in the northern part of the island.
    • I was a naval gunfire officer in the Vietnam War - a Navy lieutenant serving in the 7th Marine Regiment.
    • During the second world war he served in the Royal Navy as surgeon lieutenant, escorting convoys in the north Atlantic on HMS Maplin, a converted merchant ship which catapulted Hurricanes into combat.
    • He reportedly invited a union official home to personally inspect his Silver Star, Bronze Star and three Purple Hearts, awarded for his combat duty as a Navy lieutenant.
    • As a Navy lieutenant during World War II, he introduced to the U.S. Navy the importance of knowing how to swim.
    • A Navy lieutenant in France broadcasted information and live entertainment to troops accompanying President Wilson to the 1919 Paris Peace Conference.
    • He has commanded in every rank from lieutenant to vice admiral, and has flown his flag in all three of the Navy's aircraft carriers.
  • 2

    (in other services)
    teniente femenino
  • 3

    (deputy, assistant)
    lugarteniente masculino
    • Also, it enables the " benevolent dictator " and " trusted lieutenants " structures to emerge.
    • The elusiveness of the leader and his lieutenants has gnawed at officials and has cast doubt on their claims of having disrupted the group.
    • It's as if his on-the-field lieutenant is exempt from being substituted, is exempt too from criticism.
    • The lieutenant stood up to face his superior without fear and without respect.
    • Nasser dominated Egypt post-1952 and Sadat served as a trusted lieutenant.
    • His vast influence in the north-east made Charles I appoint him king's lieutenant in the north.
    • He would delegate to his trusted lieutenants and then leave them alone to do their jobs.
    • Thereafter he was Edward's chief lieutenant in the north.
    • Certainly a number of his lieutenants and cohorts have been captured in recent months.
    • A raft of top bosses and small-fry lieutenants have been nabbed since then.
    • He left some time after the guard was set up, and left his lieutenant in charge.
    • While he sits at the apex, it is likely that his top deputies and their lieutenants are largely responsible for coordinating the activities of the far-flung cells.
    • In 1978 he was appointed deputy lord lieutenant for Wiltshire.
    • The only problem was Hunter never really knew what his trusted lieutenant was thinking.
    • There the saluting officer was Major Edmund Gartside, who is deputy lord lieutenant of Manchester.
    • Those invited were picked partly by the Prince and partly from nominations by lord lieutenants, the Queen's representatives in different parts of the country, as well as charities involved in the rural community.
    • Eventually he gets promoted up to being a lieutenant and becomes the right-hand man to the family boss.
    • But I regard you as a lieutenant available to assist as and when required.
    • Since human beings (unlike animals, or trees) are created in the image of God, and possess powers of reason which are a reflection of God's, they may act in the world as delegates or lieutenants of God.
    • She also looks fabulous enough to make a loyal lieutenant betray the hand that fed him.