Traducción de life-size en Español:


(de) tamaño natural, adj.


Pronunciación /ˈlaɪf ˈˌsaɪz//ˈlʌɪfsʌɪz/


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    (de) tamaño natural
    • About 125 years later, the town erected an enormous, life-sized model of the squid, so that all who look upon it might be awestruck.
    • It emerged this week that funds for a life-size statue of the town's most famous son and his comedy partner to be built in the town centre have topped the half way mark.
    • They were joined by a life-size chewing gum model made from 2,450 pieces of gum found in a small area of Orchard Street, Preston.
    • When Bobby died in 1872 he was buried in the kirkyard beside his master and a life-size bronze statue was commissioned.
    • In 1996 he revealed his laid-back attitude to his work after vandals smashed up a life-size model of a plane.
    • The arcade nearest the land is pretty bad and has really scary life-sized clown statues doing circus tricks in the ceiling.
    • These days it's home to a wine museum, but don't be surprised if you come across the odd life-sized model of a suitably forlorn prisoner languishing in a corner.
    • Looking around at the exotica, he notices a very life-like, life-sized bronze statue of a rat.
    • It is a life-sized statue of the Pharaoh in the customary royal striding position, wearing the royal head-cloth nemes and holding a mace in one hand.
    • Also, standing beside the life-sized model of Angus, my ampleness paled into insignificance.
    • After the double coffin they made more life-sized models of themselves, this time fast-forwarded to the end of their lives.
    • Once in a while a student may tip a pot of paint over the head of the life-sized copper statue of the dog by George IV Bridge.
    • In a park facing the river is the life-sized statue of a cloaked man gesticulating above a reclining female beauty.
    • There was however a bronze life-sized statue of Mother that now stood outside the chapel.
    • At the far end of the courtyard, there's a life-size statue of Juliet.
    • To create one of the large life-size animal statues, he needs about 100 kilograms of the fragrant plants.
    • He works with cardboard and glazed paper, making ever more elaborate, often life-sized models of rooms or landscapes.
    • A youngster stands next to a life-sized statue of Pele at a museum in Rio de Janeiro last week.
    • In the latest transformation of the heart of urban Manchester the three life-sized models have been placed in the square to promote next year's Cow Parade.
    • Visitors can sit and pray in a makeshift chapel that features a life-sized statue of Mother Teresa sitting in the ground in a corner, hunched over in prayer.