Traducción de life cycle en Español:

life cycle

ciclo vital, n.


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    ciclo vital masculino
    • The first was a commission to photograph the life cycle of plankton.
    • Corpses, after all, are just organic matter, part of a natural life cycle.
    • For more perspective we could set other versions of the life cycle in different cultures next to our own.
    • The life cycle of leukaemia cells is well understood, making it relatively easy to spot changes in behaviour.
    • It was the lot of women to hold status mediated by family relationships that were subject to change over the course of the female life cycle.
    • The gene is needed for the parasite to progress to the next stage of its life cycle and eventually to cause the disease.
    • You can change the look at any time and know that the long hair has a limited life cycle.
    • As a result, it can offer environmental benefits throughout the product life cycle.
    • The phytohormone ethylene plays roles in physiological processes throughout the life cycle of the plant.
    • Entry into the transport medium may or may not be a regular part of the life cycle of an organism.
    • Several methodologies for detecting the underground stages of the parasite life cycle have been reported.
    • Flowering transition is a major event in the plant life cycle that has to be precisely timed for reproductive success.
    • This runs from a given stage in the life cycle through all the steps needed to reproduce that stage in the next generation.
    • Like other animals, they pass through a life cycle from birth to maturity to death.
    • The malaria parasite has a complex life cycle and spends part of it in red blood cells.
    • Natural selection must sum up the selective forces on all tissues at all stages of the life cycle and on the gametes themselves.
    • The previous chapter discussed the concept of a product life cycle and noted that most products eventually go into decline.
    • Leaf senescence is a key step in the life cycle of an annual plant.
    • A majority of plants possess stages in their life cycle at which specific tissues can survive severe tissue water loss.
    • The birth of two children, also part of the life cycle, did not provide him with more positive material either.