Traducción de lifelike en Español:


muy real, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈlʌɪflʌɪk//ˈlaɪfˌlaɪk/


  • 1

    (character) muy real
    (character) verosímil
    (waxwork) que parece vivo
    (waxwork) verosímil
    (situation) verosímil
    • On the plus side, fleshtones are rather pleasant, appearing lifelike and natural.
    • The high definition signal represents images that are as crystal clear and lifelike as possible.
    • In a week's time, he turned two large pieces of wood into detailed, lifelike recreations based on a photo.
    • It's a very accurate and lifelike representation, and it belies its shoestring budget.
    • Contrast is especially strong and colors are lifelike and natural looking.
    • The greens of the lawns and the grays of the stone walls were vivid and lifelike.
    • The figures are always startlingly lifelike, yet never precisely to scale and always altered in some way.
    • Eyes, animated by carefully placed lashes and highlights, are convincingly lifelike.
    • It's all a natural progression for the character to be more lifelike and to have a level of understanding of her environment.
    • If an android become too realistic and lifelike, suddenly people were repelled and disgusted.
    • Another act of remembrance was the commissioning of detailed, lifelike, and convincing portraits of their ancestors.
    • He seems mostly to be running (he was one of the most hunted) and his curved horns are often detailed with lifelike ribbing.
    • Every day when he is not landscaping gardens for the island's wealthy, he fashions lifelike works of art much to the curiosity of admiring visitors.
    • The characters aren't very lifelike and the game is beginning to drag.
    • The roses were carved to such lifelike details; the thorns seemed as if they could draw blood.
    • The arm, now on display at the Museum of London, is lifelike with realistic knuckles, veins and fingernails.
    • Walpole inaugurated the tradition in the hope that the lifelike solidity of realism might be reconciled with the imaginative range of romance.
    • The paintings, done with a mixture of animal fat, ochre and blood, are of people and animals, about five inches tall and extremely lifelike.
    • I don't want to speak for him, but I do believe that in a way he feels like that's not necessarily a lifelike thing.
    • Blacks are deep, with no sign of breakup or shimmer, and skin tones are both natural and lifelike.