Traducción de ligature en Español:


ligadura, n.

Pronunciación /ˈlɪɡəˌtʃʊr//ˈlɪɡətʃə//ˈlɪɡətʃər/


Música Medicina

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    ligadura femenino
    • The alternative of tying the damaged vessel with a ligature had been employed by various surgeons dating back to Celsus, a Roman medical author in the first century ad.
    • The ligatures on his splenic artery and vein had slipped.
    • Suture ligatures and electrocoagulation are the two most common techniques for hemostasis.
    • The ligature equivalent to two semibreves persisted for some time and is still found in the early 18th century in the works of J. J. Fux.
    • The ovary was grasped with a hemostat, a ligature was placed around the oviduct and blood vessels, and the ovary was removed.
    • The second stage involves placing a deeper and more precise ligature at the base of the lesion.