Traducción de light meter en Español:

light meter

fotómetro, n.


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    fotómetro masculino
    • Exposure meters, or light meters, are light sensing devices that are good at doing what the human eye can't - quantifying light.
    • Now you're ready to look at light meters, lenses, image stabilization, autofocus, and flash.
    • When scouting locations prior to production, a light meter allows you to determine the amount of light available at any given time.
    • This article explores the possibility of using a low cost photographic light meter for photometric purposes.
    • A hand-held light meter would calculate the same exposure for any object under the same incident lighting.
    • In the video I will walk you through the steps of setting up a light meter and calibrating it to your camcorder.
    • You can measure illuminance using a light meter located on the work surface where tasks are performed.
    • This tutorial is intended to explain what an incident light meter is and why you would want to use one.
    • Most modern cameras have an in-camera light meter which will give an ideal exposure when the meter reads zero.