Traducción de lighthearted en Español:


alegre, adj.

Pronunciación /lʌɪtˈhɑːtɪd//ˌlaɪtˈhɑrdəd/


  • 1

    (book/account) alegre
    (account/book) desenfadado
    she was in a lighthearted mood estaba de buen humor
    • It's a light-hearted gift set for the complete Tarot beginner, or a novelty deck for the more experienced reader or collector.
    • It is one thing to put questions of this kind in a light-hearted quiz.
    • Possibly it originated with Kant himself in a light-hearted break from the Critique of Pure Reason.
    • It is a light-hearted look at the system and not overtly political.
    • In this day and age it is hard to believe that people can be held up to hatred, ridicule and contempt by a light-hearted gossip paragraph.
    • One of the awol elements is the first film's sense of breezy, light-hearted fun.
    • Postings and weblogs covering broad topics about Japan, with emphasis on legit news as well as humorous, light-hearted content.
    • Calypsos are often light-hearted musings on current events but can be much more serious, depending on the subject matter.
    • That's the kind of light-hearted and spunky approach that packages the intelligent and truly insightful advice she gives.
    • It's light-hearted fun in another week of undistinguished dross.
    • But he could not resist offering a little light-hearted banter when asked how team management had dealt with the issue.
    • It is a light-hearted romantic comedy, which revolves around a group of young friends and 10 days in their lives.
    • I mean, the book is a very light-hearted memoir of my experience at the agency.
    • It was supposed to be light-hearted, so I'm really glad that you liked it!
    • She produces both an online journal and light-hearted podcasts about her life, but it's the latter that's more popular.
    • The gift was a light-hearted testament to his ability to navigate both sides of this nation's racial divide.
    • The light-hearted banter often gives way to arguments before someone intervenes with a joke to lighten the mood.
    • It will be a light-hearted programme presented by a local broadcaster.
    • Her light-hearted vignettes are woven in between clearly explicated theories about laws of possibility.
    • Milano strikes a balance between more serious scientific research and light-hearted self-examination.