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buque faro, n.

Pronunciación /ˈlaɪtˌʃɪp//ˈlʌɪtʃɪp/


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    buque faro masculino
    • As he tells me, a lot of discussion will be needed with descendants of the crew, of those rescued from the lightship, of the people of Ballycotton and with the Commissioners of Irish Lights.
    • The flagship of Trinity House Lighthouse Service, her function is to cruise the coastal waters of England, Wales and the Channel Islands, servicing and repairing lighthouses, lightships, buoys and other navigational markers.
    • The last lightship in Scotland has been given a substantial lottery grant to prevent it from falling into dereliction.
    • It has the world's best-preserved wooden lightship with an exhibition showing how the crew lived and worked in those early days.
    • The lightship had just finished a stint warning shipping away from shallow outer banks off the Norfolk coast, and was being towed to South Shields for a refit.
    • Like the lightship, the wreck rests in around 34m of water so it's another deep, dark dive.
    • Our first sign of the Seven Stones was the lightship, anchored between the reef and the northbound shipping channel, slightly to the north of our course.
    • On October 26, 1973, the Nantucket lightship reported sustained winds of 115 knots, and seas of 45 feet.
    • He is originally from Dun Laoghaire and is a keen ship modeller and embarking on making scale models of Irish lightships that he remembers seeing in Dun Laoghaire.
    • The LV18 ship in Harwich Harbour is owned by the charitable Pharos Trust, which is hoping to turn the former lightship into an educational and tourist attraction.
    • Britain's last lightship was towed from its position north-west of Guernsey to Harwich, ending an era of 157 years for the vessels.
    • Along the way they took recordings of the sounds of foghorns, lightships, coastguard stations and the voices of those who lived and worked there.
    • The boat was a lightship, essentially a lighthouse on a ship, a ship with a lighthouse stuck in the middle of it.
    • Later the pulsating lights of a lighthouse and a lightship played a part.
    • The lightship was considerably damaged and would have to be removed from the station.
    • Though his ship remains anchored permanently, he believes his duty as captain of the lightship is a sacred one: to guide wayward vessels, even provide aid and respite if need be.
    • The lightship has had uplighters added to its fore and aft masts with lighting units added around its deck and jetty.
    • Level with the anchor winch, the entire side of the hull is sharply stoved in and ripped open where the Polish trawler Snardy ploughed into the side of the lightship on 16 August 1967.
    • The Goodwin Sands lightships are to be put in communication with the shore by means of wireless telegraphy and the installation is to be completed in about a month.
    • Seafarers made household utensils, such as sewing tools, from whalebone, and today scrimshaw is as much associated with Nantucket as the lightship baskets unique to the island.