Traducción de like-minded en Español:


de ideas afines, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈlaɪk ˈˌmaɪndɪd//lʌɪkˈmʌɪndɪd/


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    de ideas afines
    a group of like-minded people un grupo de personas de ideas afines
    • I miss working with like-minded people echo de menos (el) trabajar con gente de mi mismo parecer
    • Having spoken to people about it the general consensus is that it is a good way to meet other like-minded people.
    • Do Australians surround themselves with like-minded people and what unites and divides them?
    • Blogging is the medium that lets us communicate with like-minded people.
    • The company of other like-minded people adds to their enjoyment and enhances the feeling of well being.
    • It also gives the players the chance to meet other like-minded young people and aims to get them formal football qualifications.
    • David is quick to add that he is just one in a team of dedicated, like-minded people from his village who support Housing for Humanity.
    • In many ways, blogging had become a way of leading a kind of surrogate social life with like-minded people.
    • For the party faithful they are the opportunity to meet like-minded people.
    • Their interests are used to help define themselves and engage in social scenes with like-minded people.
    • We offer you the chance to meet like-minded people and get a national qualification, in exchange for your commitment.
    • It was so nice to be amongst like-minded people in a positive atmosphere for the week.
    • Groups of like-minded people gathering to drink beer and debate the great issues of the day are nothing new.
    • The fair also provides an opportunity to meet like-minded people and find out more about their organisations.
    • Chatrooms are effectively meeting places that both children and adults use to meet like-minded people.
    • The meetings encourage like-minded people to gather for a creative and stimulating exchange of ideas.
    • A few like-minded people felt that it was one of town's true traditions and that it should be continued.
    • People tend to talk mostly to like-minded people who communicate in the same way.
    • Nice to see some like-minded musicians getting together to bring some great music to a wider audience.
    • He loved to chat about agriculture matters and enjoyed the company of like-minded people.
    • Please leave your comments on the forum and view the opinions of like-minded and disgusted people across this land.