Traducción de likewise en Español:


asimismo, adv.

Pronunciación /ˈlaɪkˌwaɪz//ˈlʌɪkwʌɪz/


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    (in the same way)
    de la misma manera
    • The faces from the photographs become likewise etched into your mind.
    • Religious and cultural services are likewise well represented.
    • He came from a family of stockbreeders and learned the secrets of good stockmanship from his father Tom, who likewise had it handed down.
    • Additionally, modifying entry and catch may likewise greatly reduce impingement.
    • With a career likewise increasing in scope, chances are she has begun finally to justify that moniker of ‘rising star’.
    • Her husband, likewise, was vetoed because of his alleged lack of loyalty to the current supreme religious leader.
    • He heard a soft grunt, looked over and saw Bolke sitting down beside him, likewise using a tree to lean against.
    • The triangle at the Weighbridge was tended to last week, grass cut, edges trimmed, and likewise it is looking lovely and clean.
    • Any potential growth in Catholic emancipation will, likewise, now take place in a context where Catholic are inevitably a marginal group.
    • Major American brands today are owned by Europeans; likewise, Americans own major European icons.
    • That list is as impressive as Australia's record on the global sporting stage, but why can't our companies do likewise?
    • Both of them believe that everyone should have a dream and likewise, everyone should work towards making it happen.
    • He has developed these attributes with age and maybe some of our younger backs will do likewise.
    • Iran, likewise, has agreed to additional nuclear safeguards.
    • Changes could lead to additional liability, mismanagement of the contract likewise.
    • Furthermore, our kids likewise seem to be bonding a little too closely with the television set.
    • Moreover, we ordinary humans cannot likewise petition God for proof to solidify our faith.
    • It likewise informs the Prison Service of the age of the children for whom it should provide facilities.
    • The group's policies on banking and education likewise bode harm to the poor - and to urban America.
    • There is little comparison between the life my parents led and that which I pursued and likewise with the life my own daughter has enjoyed.
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    (the same)
    to do likewise hacer otro tanto
    • pleased to meet you — likewise encantado de conocerlo — lo mismo digo