Traducción de Lilo en Español:


colchoneta inflable, n.


Pronunciación /ˈlʌɪləʊ/

nombrePlural lilos, Plural Lilos

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    colchoneta inflable femenino
    colchoneta hinchable femenino España
    • There are no sets, merely a bare stage with props comprised of the paraphernalia of a holiday - suitcases, beach rings, lilos, etc.
    • Me, the laptop and a lilo and duvet are the only items left in the house.
    • Out on the pier, we saw that kids had paddled out over a hundred yards on lilos and inflatable rafts.
    • I shall then place the one who is snoring the loudest upon an inflated lilo and gently launch her out to sea, with a candle and a baht or two.
    • Only this week, two would-be asylum-seekers were caught miles from the French mainland as they tried to use children's lilos to paddle their way across the English Channel.
    • Several generations will gather round a table to enjoy a barbecued dinner, having spent a long day on the beach, equipped with well-stocked coolboxes, sunshades and lilos.
    • The theme of the day is Spanish holiday, they are dressed almost to a man in sombreros, with either beach balls, lilos or water rings.
    • I'll be sleeping on a blow up lilo for the last week or so but who cares.
    • Hard to believe, but there once was a time when going to the sea, or enjoying the pool, didn't automatically mean windsurfing, wetbiking or splashing about on a lilo.
    • Other episodes focused on him lounging on a lilo with friends and visiting his granny.