Traducción de lily-livered en Español:


pusilánime, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈlɪlɪlɪvəd//ˈlɪli ˌlɪvərd/


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    • Apparently, we are not only procrastinators and malingerers but a bunch of lily-livered cowards because going to the dentist tops the list, followed by exercising and saving money.
    • These days, bone in any form seems to be off restaurant menus for fear of upsetting lily-livered diners who might need smelling salts after being reminded that what they are eating once had something to do with an animal.
    • This means an arrogant faith in victory or success; the image is a bunch of guys tossing their caps up in the air and shouting, ‘Whipping them lily-livered toads will be a piece of cake!’
    • Every other western nation sees the US media as the meekest, most lily-livered, most unquestioning corporate leeches to call themselves journalists.
    • South Dakotans refused to embrace this lily-livered tactic.
    • It's enough to put the fear of god into a lily-livered greenhorn like myself.
    • To miss this window of opportunity would be a near-guarantee of a future more lily-livered than lily-white.
    • At the moment the right wing of the party has asserted its supremacy, which is why lily-livered lefties like me have deserted the Party.
    • Indeed, any sign of courtesy on our roads is taken as a sign of mental or moral weakness, a failure of the spirit, a lily-livered, chicken-hearted attempt to stay alive.
    • He gives a sterling performance as the lily-livered auctioneer Mick Flanagan with Shona Heffernan in top form as his embittered, feisty wife Mamie.
    • Margaret thinks we're being far too lily-livered about the whole affair.
    • The Tory solution is absurd, Labour's is lily-livered.
    • And it would seem the editors and producers are either too ignorant or too lily-livered not to let them have their way.
    • The company commissioned research into consumer attitudes to new technology which showed that we are all a bunch of lily-livered, scaredy-cats when it comes to trying new gizmos.
    • The clues are in the songs though, these are not the words of some lily-livered upstart.
    • You can leave and you can take the rest of these lily-livered cowards with you!
    • You might say that this is a lily-livered approach, or bad policy.
    • Some lily-livered people think that our Prime Minister deserves more respect from scribes.
    • It's one thing, in the time-honoured way of lily-livered journalists the world over, to tear someone apart when they're not there to defend themselves.
    • And they made themselves look like the bunch of lily-livered, corporate-lackey, football-killing gits that they are.