Traducción de limitation en Español:


limitación, n.

Pronunciación /lɪmɪˈteɪʃ(ə)n//ˌlɪməˈteɪʃ(ə)n/


  • 1

    limitación femenino
    restricción femenino
    arms limitation limitación de armamentos
    • Requirements and limitations on how you treat the enemy on the battlefield and off are part of that.
    • All this bill represents is restrictive trade practice and limitations on entry to the industry.
    • The Transport Minister could clear the quays by invoking parking slot limitations on Dublin Bus.
    • This is good news for those who oppose federal limitations on biotech research, right?
    • The situation changes when the rules of the game introduce limitations on available moves.
    • The degree of uncertainty is often large, and there are limitations on the types of estimate that can be provided.
    • Now obviously, we don't want to place very many limitations on our freedom of speech.
    • Britain's drinking problem is the latest in a list of excuses for prescriptive limitations on society.
    • This also placed severe limitations on what could be explored.
    • However, both statute and case law have imposed some limitations on this power.
    • He said the president also has reservations about the limitations on issue advertising.
    • The skilled trades were dominated by craft guilds which imposed strict limitations on entry in order to guarantee their market.
    • Fixed penalty notices can only be given to adults at present which inherently means there are substantial limitations on their use.
    • However, Vine said there might be some limitations on the duties that could be performed by officers waiting to give evidence.
    • There have been attempts at various times in history to try to place certain limitations on what is permitted in war.
    • The king himself provoked the severe limitations on his power by the ambivalent attitude he displayed towards the Revolution.
    • Messaging during class or lectures gets around the limitations on private voice contact.
    • There should be limitations on the number of candidates recruited at a time.
    • Universities are still allowed to set limitations on certain majors with special requirements.
    • This was a major benefit because of the space and manning limitations on small craft.
  • 2limitations plural

    • 2.1(weaknesses)

      limitaciones femenino
      I know my limitations soy consciente de mis limitaciones
      • to have one's limitations tener sus (or mis etc.) limitaciones
      • Our abilities may be our first-level of limitations, but it is our willpower that seals it all in for us.
      • For the first time in the play, he feels his own frailties and limitations and notes them.
      • The lack of accessible, inexpensive books on the subject is an important limitation on the ability of Arab universities to teach about the United States.
      • It seems the children quickly appreciated their own limitations and adapted their speed and movements to their abilities.
      • She was quite aware of her own limitations, but absolutely incapable of changing herself.
      • If he is failing because of a lack of ability they can help him to accept his limitations and focus on his strengths.
      • Humility is in reality, a strength and involves acknowledging both our abilities and our limitations.
      • He flourished in a moment of transition, and his failures measured the limitations of ideas loosely held.
      • We must be alert to our own shortcomings and the limitations and distortions imposed on our imaginations and those of Islam by history.
      • In taking responsibility to help others, always be honest and frank about your limitations and abilities.
      • The faults and limitations of the genre are obvious and have been repeatedly stated.
      • The key to avoiding accidents is to be aware of what is going on around you to know the limitations and abilities of your vehicle and yourself.
      • She recognized her limitations and failings and would mention them and make amendments.
      • These limitations are the main weakness of our systematic review.
      • The key to happiness in this life is being able to accept our weaknesses and limitations with good grace.
      • Teaching gives a better insight into the art and one's own weaknesses and limitations.
      • This is where the limitations of both my time and ability to research a stock showed.
      • The crucial part of acceptance of one another is acceptance of our own weaknesses and limitations and that of others.
      • Historical critique exposes the flaws or limitations of each of the political traditions.
      • Many of them realize the deficiency and limitations of science as the only savior of mankind.

    • 2.2(handicap)

      desventaja femenino