Traducción de linen en Español:


hilo, n.

Pronunciación /ˈlɪnɪn//ˈlɪnɪn/


  • 1

    • 1.1(cloth)

      hilo masculino
      lino masculino
      • The linens are accented with a square jacquard weave around the edges for a very distinctive, classic look.
      • Woman folded their worn out linens and few spare clothes, packing them into cloth sacks to be carried.
      • Suggestions about storing vintage linens and fabrics can also be found in this book.
      • The linens for drying ones self off were of a strange material, soft yet very absorbent, and very gentle to the flesh.
      • This is an exhibition of Batik work on a variety of materials including cottons, silks, linens, paper and canvas.
      • Avoid scolding the kitten - even if it's climbing the drapes and soiling itself on your best linens.
      • Now there are 132 stores across the country, selling linens and textiles.
      • With a start, she realized that she was in the captain's bed amongst fine linens and a luxurious feather mattress.
      • Younger children may be asked to strip wet linens from the bed, whereas older children may be expected to do the laundry.
      • Wash towels, linens and pillowcases separately from other loads.
      • No sooner had he disappeared than her mother clomped down the steps, with a small stack of floral cotton bed linens.
      • Most baby retailers carry lines of bed linens in this style, as well.
      • The six council members were dressed mostly in Curien linens and silks trimmed in gold lace.
      • Pip quickly led the way over to the brightly colored silks and linens, then had Sonia pick out the fabric for her clothes.
      • For best results, match the basket hue to coordinate with linens or fabrics.
      • Bathed, anointed and dressed in her finest silks and linens, Miri descended from her sedan at the steps of the reception hall.
      • Tanzer's mantle is made of a collection of vintage linens used by her mother and her husband's grandmothers.
      • He plans to hide it in a box of linens, and, if he is caught, saying that he is taking linens to his grandparents in their apartment.
      • A small antique ash chest holds my old embroidered linens - a definite collecting weakness.
      • The morning breeze wafted in through the open windows, letting the white linens gently dance around the bed.

    • 1.2(yarn)

      hilo masculino
      lino masculino

  • 2bed linen

    ropa blanca femenino
    ropa de cama femenino
    before noun linen closet / (British) cupboard armario de la ropa blanca masculino
  • 3table linen

    mantelerías femenino