Traducción de linen basket en Español:

linen basket


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    canasto de la ropa sucia masculino
    cesto de la ropa sucia masculino
    • While her Persian Blue cat ‘Cassiopeia Spandau Ballet ‘rolled around in her pink linen basket in the sunlight, we talked about the various projects that she's working on for A-R.’
    • Having invited him to Mrs Ford's house, they pretend that Mr Ford is returning, necessitating Falstaff's concealment in the dirty linen basket.
    • Early beneficiaries of this belief included a tailor's son, Jean-Marie Hervagault, who insisted that he had been removed from the Temple in a linen basket.
    • From one of the shirts in a linen basket she recovered 13 fragments of glass of which 4 were tested at random; 3 corresponded with glass from the lounge door and 1 from an unknown source.