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    • 1.1(in chain)

      eslabón masculino
      the missing link el eslabón perdido
      • the weak link el punto débil
      • the missing link fell into place descubrimos la pieza que faltaba para completar el rompecabezas
      • The other vital link in the chain are the bureaucrats.
      • Many of the men wear finely-wrought gold rings, like open links of chain, around their necks.
      • The bay is made up of two parts, like two links in a chain, separated by a coral or sandbar.
      • I'm swinging so high that the chain links rattle at the top of each arc.
      • You start with a problem and you uncover deeper and quiet different contents in the chain of links leading to the deepest cause of the problem you started with.
      • The police know there are people who could provide those vital missing links which would bring the driver to justice.
      • It is important that the Government does not break any links in the chain when implementing the report.
      • The purpose of this study is to provide one missing link in a growing chain of knowledge.
      • Of the three links in his argument chain, I do not dispute the last.
      • She had me stop and asked me where the original idea behind starting the conversation had originated and we mentally retraced the links in my chain of thought back to the totally innocuous thing that had started it.
      • On his right arm just above the elbow he wore several cords, and one chain of metal links, with charms attached to them.
      • That simple purchase, however, was foreordained to be a vital link in the chain of Reformation history in England.
      • Strengthen the primary and assistance muscles and you'll have no weak links in the chain.
      • I am a link in a chain, a bond of connection between persons.
      • That earns you a suit of medieval armor and a giant cannonball lashed to your left leg with five links of rusty chain.
      • He makes a speciality of finding the weak link in the chain.
      • Not all the links in their chain of logic are steel.
      • It is a tactic he has employed before, but it serves to clarify hidden links in a chain of process and development.
      • In reality, even in the first links of the chain of causality the causes have already flowed and dissolved beyond the scope of our vision.
      • All commands of this chain will keep rotating in the replay loop one by one like links of the chain circled around a rod.

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      gemelo masculino
      mancorna femenino Colombia
      collera femenino Chile
      mancuernilla femenino México
      mancuerna femenino México

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    • 2.1(connection)

      conexión femenino
      to establish a link between two incidents establecer una conexión entre dos incidentes
      • He also asserted that they had yet to investigate to see if there were any links with some of the executives at the state company.
      • At the time, the Arab ambassadors expressed their interest in fostering more business links with Scottish companies.
      • For those who want a stable Asia, the interest in establishing close links with Japan should be obvious.
      • He now has a Birmingham and a Westmead branch as well as links with many other companies.
      • What is the University doing to forge closer links with the local community?
      • We are trying to reach as many of our former students and graduates as possible to tell them to come along and meet old friends and renew links with their former college.
      • He omitted to tell investors of his links with some of those companies.
      • The US study found men who do not have many close links with friends and family have higher levels of a blood molecule which indicates inflammation.
      • She will tell universities they must forge closer links with their local communities and schools.
      • The spokesman said one of the conditions of the company continuing their contract was that he severed links with the company.
      • When that happens we deal with the culprits and we have established good links with the bus company.
      • A succession of tutors was his only tenuous link with the larger world.
      • All these magazines have deals with the record companies, even personal links with the stars themselves.
      • Some insurance companies have links with alarm providers and locksmiths who may offer extra discount on the cost of locks or alarms.
      • He said Bradford had many experts in inter-faith relations and good links with other faith leaders, which made the city the perfect place to deliver training.
      • I applaud social, cultural and trading links with our European friends.
      • ‘Ken has close links with other company chairmen and chief executives and investors,’ says Park.
      • Most Pakistani Americans maintain close links with relatives and friends in Pakistan.
      • This makes it harder to question and challenge the structures and authorities which affect our lives or to make the links with others in similar situations or who will support us.
      • It has developed links with 8,500 companies and with all of York and North Yorkshire's secondary schools, and 85 per cent of its primary schools.

    • 2.2(tie, bond)

      vínculo masculino
      lazo masculino
      the cultural links between the two countries los vínculos / lazos culturales entre ambos países
      • to have links with sb/sth estar vinculado a algn/algo

    • 2.3Transporte Telecomunicaciones

      conexión femenino
      enlace masculino
      rail/air link conexión ferroviaria/aérea
      • And, he said, some of the planned improvements in existing road and public transport links would make all the difference.
      • Transportation links by road and water continue to be erratic in Croatia, so flying to Split and taking the ferry remains the most efficient means of getting to and from the island.
      • To keep up, we not only must build more effective transportation links, but we must operate them more efficiently.
      • Roads, rail links, airports, public housing, factories - all subsidised for the central economy - were on the brink of ruin.
      • A look at a map will confirm that the ‘natural’ east-west rail and road links converge on Montreal.
      • An exclusion zone has been declared, and road and transport links nearby have been closed.
      • Further, the committee also stated that all the link roads were carrying traffic much above their capacity.
      • Yet, distance is not the only criteria on which to compare the options of VHF and satellite links.
      • Damage to roads and other transport links was extensive, and took many days to repair.
      • Lastly, the state of the rail and road links between Hastings and London is a reason to improve the digital connectivity - making it less necessary to travel.
      • What's more, secondary ports tend to lack the high-capacity road and rail links that big transport centers demand.
      • The Teledesic architecture is wireless point-to-point links between a satellite and a fixed station on the ground.
      • Satellite links will also be useful whenever time is an issue.
      • Residents are set to fight plans for a proposed link road to ease traffic congestion between Wigan and Atherton.
      • From now on, he said, bosses of commerce and industry will have a real say on issues like allocating land for business and housing development, road links and transportation.
      • However, Mr Clark stressed the need to improve road transport links to the airport because of its location.
      • While HAPs are unproven, Internet traffic is traveling over geosynchronous satellite links today.
      • The problem is, they can already do so via commercial services that use satellite links to provide in-flight Wi-Fi access.
      • Each of the flats for the deaf has been set up with a computer video link, enabling the deaf tenants to communicate in sign language with workers in the staff base.
      • Before there were roads or rail links, the colony built a pier so boats could transport people and supplies from Mobile.

    • 2.4Informática

      (between programs, terminals) enlace masculino
      (in compilation) montaje masculino
      click here to follow the link haz clic / pulsa aquí para seguir el enlace
      • You may republish if you include an active link to the original and leave this notice in place.
      • Click on the audio link at the bottom of the page.
      • Do you want to know the best way to obtain inbound links to your web site?
      • Sorry I can't post a direct link to any direct article.
      • One hides its adverts amongst the normal links at the bottom of each page.

verbo transitivo

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    (components) unir
    (components) enlazar
    (terminals) conectar
    to link arms cogerse del brazo España
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    (buildings/towns) unir
    (towns/buildings) conectar
    the two groups are closely linked los dos grupos están estrechamente vinculados
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    (facts/events) relacionar
    to link sth to / with sth relacionar algo con algo

verbo intransitivo

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    to link together
    • these two pieces don't link together estas dos piezas no encajan
    • the episodes didn't link together los episodios no tenían relación
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    Informática Telecomunicaciones
    to link into sth conectar / enlazar con algo