Traducción de lip en Español:


labio, n.

Pronunciación /lɪp//lɪp/


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    • 1.1Anatomía

      labio masculino
      to kiss sb on the lips besar a algn en los labios / en la boca
      • her name was on everyone's lips su nombre estaba en boca de todo el mundo
      • He smiled, before leaning in and pressing his parted lips to my neck.
      • On its face, the upper lip, mandible, and tip of the muzzle are silvery white to yellowish.
      • Cancer of the lip and oral cavity is a disease in which cancer cells are found in the tissues of the lip or mouth.
      • She spoke up thoughtfully, chewing a pink lower lip.
      • During the early stages of pregnancy, the upper lip and palate develop from tissues lying on either side of the tongue.
      • His voice was shaking slightly as he spoke and his lower lip trembled.
      • The eyelids, lips, ears, nose, cheeks and all the fleshy parts have an appearance approaching their natural state.
      • She licked her full, pink lips and nonchalantly flipped her blond hair over her shoulder.
      • Also, there are many minor salivary glands, present throughout the mouth within the lips, cheeks, tongue, and palate.
      • The mouth consists of the lips, teeth, tongue, and soft and hard palates.
      • She caught her lip between her teeth, torn between grief and guilt.
      • I think that it is important to see the facial dimensions and the size and shape of the lips to truly gauge a result.
      • He bit his lip in anticipation, his grey eyes studying her face.
      • Traces of the eyes, lips, retractor muscles or other head structures are not discernible.
      • He nodded and smiled, his thin pink lips curling up and exposing his white teeth.
      • A low ridge crosses the posterior surface of the blade from its medial edge to the dorsal lip of the glenoid cavity.
      • He sank back down, closed his mouth and puckered out his thin lower lip in a trademark sulky expression.
      • A cleft lip is a condition that creates an opening in the upper lip between the mouth and nose.
      • I saw my mother's upper lip twitching, generally signaling that she was going to break down any second.
      • They also have large vibrissae, stiff whisker-like hairs above the upper lip and at the corners of the mouth.

    • 1.2

      (of jug) pico masculino
      (of cup, tray) borde masculino
      • The front spoiler is designed with an additional stability-enhancing aerofoil running from its lower lip along the side of the car and up to the rear spoiler.
      • It lingered on the lip of the cup for fully two seconds as Woods and his caddie Steve Williams froze in their tracks, bent over as if praying.
      • The compound bowls have evened rims with rounded to rolled lips and flat bases.
      • Walking down to them was like descending a ski-jump, but one with no lip at the end of it, just a pure drop like the one that James Bond skis over at the beginning of one of his films.
      • She found a hidden place to tie her horse, and then followed him along the lip of the gorge.
      • It is very unlikely that the medication can be poured into the container on the sterile field without touching the lip of the container.
      • They have expanding necks, rounded to flat lips, and rounded to flat bases.
      • Christopher continued to stare down at his coffee as she came to stand in the doorway, his finger still tapping the lip of the cup.
      • After five minutes, we decided to move along the lip.
      • Next, cut a notch in the container and using some dirt, build a ramp from the pond to the lip of the container.
      • This vessel also has an evened rim and a rounded lip, and is burnished on both interior and exterior surfaces.
      • We slithered over a lip with the aid of ropes into a huge cavernous hollow, where the water was caught in a rockpool.
      • Wrap pliable wire around the container below the lip to form a handle for hanging.
      • By placing the lip of the cup under the stem of the fruit, a simple push upward breaks the fruit free.
      • She was quiet while he talked, watching him over the lip of her raised cup of tea.
      • From the mooring buoy you swim along the lip of the bay edge at around 12m until the outline of the bow appears.
      • But it hangs on, catches the left lip of the cup, slides along the edge all the way over to the right side-and falls into the hole.
      • Use glue gun to affix embroidery mesh to inside lip of frame.
      • Slip out through the windows, slowly, very slowly, edging along the lip of the roof.
      • Press it around the edge or lip of a container, and it forms a spill-proof seal.
      • He then noticed along the raised lip of the moat were a series of colored stones.
      • The olla has a body diameter of 20.5 cm, a short, evened neck, and a rounded lip.
      • We adjusted the knot so that it rested just above the lip, thus extending our reach downward as far as possible.
      • Stumbling along the lip of this vast quarry, I noticed something else.

  • 2coloquial

    that's enough of your lip! ¡no seas tan descarado / impertinente / insolente!
    • The last thing I wanted was for a teacher to be giving me some lip.
    • Do what I say, no lip and give me my proper respect.
    • I can take lip, attitude or grumbling, but ignorance is too much for me.
    • I am the only person in charge of this award, I will give it to anyone I want, and you better not give me any lip about it.
    • If your parents give you any lip, you can turn them in and get bonus respect points.
    • Like most front-men, he had an ego that could swallow the battered planet, and didn't want any lip from the troops.
    • South Africans give people lip too, but they don't start crying when they get some, neither do they get violent.
    • You know, I know that some men have problems with women who have a lot of lip, but I think I like them, don't you?
    • The bloggers certainly weren't going to get much lip from me.
    • Never the less, how do these ‘security officers’ get a gig if they can't take some lip?
    • One disruptive child - and I don't just mean a child with lip - can frustrate the odd day's teaching.
    • It looks like a celebrity judge might actually be getting involved, and she's not taking any lip.
    • Gunslinging went hand in hand with glamour as the Angels turned what was traditionally a man's world into a girl's one - with the aid of as much lip-gloss as lip.
    • I think anyone who has to take lip from 14 or 15-year-old knowalls five days a week deserve that amount of time off.
    • Later, Jesse overhears Ryan giving Leah another bit of lip.