Traducción de lip balm en Español:

lip balm

bálsamo labial, n.


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    bálsamo labial masculino
    bálsamo para labios masculino
    • Now I know what I'm going to look like at age 40, and it's clear to me that before that time comes I have to either make a serious commitment to lip balm or suffer the consequences.
    • You wear sunscreen and lip balm to protect your skin because you practically live outdoors.
    • Use a detachable, outside compartment or bag for quick access to things you might need throughout the day, such as water, snacks, sunscreen, lip balm, bug repellant and your camera.
    • He brought me water, and even swiped a lip balm from his sister's bedroom for my dry, chapped lips.
    • It makes everything from lotion to lip balm to blush.
    • Take some kind of lip balm with you because wind and cold weather aren't friendly with lips.
    • Never be bummed by body wash, blusher or lip balm again!
    • Don't forget to use lip balm with sunscreen to protect your lips.
    • My eyes were dull, my cheeks hollow and my lips chapped and dry, no matter how much lip balm I put on them.
    • It is a bit sticky, so I usually put on a lip balm before hand.
    • Slather on the sunblock and lip balm during the day, but don't forget the down jacket and booties for camp at night.
    • Solve the problem by dabbing your lips with lip balm.
    • I believe that the idea is that our lifestyle is so enviable that other people, seeing us using a particular brand of medicated lip balm, or stink-preventing shoe pads, would immediately rush out and switch brands.
    • You can make soaps, lip balm, scented lotions - all things girls love.
    • A layer of sun-protective lip balm is all it takes to prevent chapping.
    • In other words, you're probably better off getting your hands on a lip balm to treat your dry lips.
    • You'll slick on some lip balm every now and then, but that's about it.
    • My lips were so dry the other night and I couldn't find any lip balm so I finally went to bed wearing lipstick.
    • It collects care packages - of baby wipes, lip balm, baby powder and other items - for soldiers serving overseas.
    • My lips were chapped, so I dug into my backpack for some lip balm.