Traducción de liquor en Español:


alcohol, n.

Pronunciación /ˈlɪkər//ˈlɪkə/


  • 1

    alcohol masculino
    bebidas alcohólicas femenino
    hard liquor bebidas (alcohólicas) fuertes femenino
    • Drinking hard liquor and beer both independently contributed to the logistic regression model.
    • Next, make sure all liquor, beer and wine is stored in a secured area.
    • Distilled liquor (including whisky) is unknown in Europe before the 13 th century AD.
    • I could smell the liquor on his breath, and I recoiled, disgusted.
    • She thought she could smell liquor on his breath, and crossed her arms.
    • They should stop smoking tobacco and avoid drinking hard liquor.
    • In Connecticut, a 1949 ordinance forbids the storing of town records in any place where liquor is sold.
    • At the bar, look for upscale liquor and signature drinks along with a variety of tapas.
    • The urge was there all right, to buy the cheapest illegal liquor and get drunk in the afternoon.
    • Of course, it didn't help the performances that apparently bootleg liquor flowed freely during the location shooting.
    • With their skills at home brewing, they turned its fruit into a particularly intoxicating liquor.
    • "I don't know why I'm still here, " I muttered, drinking another malt liquor.
    • Consider drinking beer instead of hard liquor or wine.
    • Poteen he explained is a very potent liquor distilled from potatoes.
    • People don't realize that if they order a tall drink they're getting the same amount of liquor as a short drink.
    • He poured some liquor into the glass and I drank everything down.
    • Help your partner stay away from beer, wine, wine coolers, liquor and mixed drinks.
    • To him spirituous liquor is a superfluous and dangerous luxury.
    • But men are more likely to order alcohol in casual dining restaurants; both men and women drink liquor and wine.
    • A drink was defined as ‘a glass of wine, bottle of beer, shot glass of liquor, or mixed drink.’
  • 2Britanico

    jugo masculino
    • Strain over a wide jug and retain the liquor, discarding the peppercorns.
    • They are more similar to dried beans than either crowder or black-eyed peas, and make a clear liquor when cooked.
    • These had been slightly glazed with concentrated poaching liquor and dusted with what tasted like ground-down, caramelised peach crisps.
    • Imagine you are making jam and have gotten to the point where you pour the steaming liquor of fruit, sugar, and pectin into the jars.
    • After the required period of time, press-strain the herbs through a fine cloth and store the liquor for use.
    • A lot of popular spicy dishes require the ingredients to be marinated in a liquor for a few hours or overnight.