Traducción de lisp en Español:


ceceo, n.

Pronunciación /lɪsp//lɪsp/


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    ceceo masculino
    to speak with a lisp cecear
    • He had a slight lisp and his right hand had a way of flopping around a bit.
    • The class waited, all attention, pretending to be helpful, ready for the slightest weakness, a lisp, a twitch, wariness, ready to move in for the kill.
    • You think they'd notice if you had six fingers, or a lisp, or if you were two feet shorter?
    • Among the aspiring singers were those with cracked voices, nasal tones, and lisps.
    • His school uniform always looked a mess and, according to friends, he jabbered rather than talked clearly, having inherited a slight lisp from his father.
    • Consequently, treatment of lisps is best accomplished by speech therapy.
    • He would often practise his speeches for many hours and had a slight stammer and lisp.
    • Then he talked about how I lisped and how you can't trust anyone with a lisp.
    • Drew was missing his two front baby teeth and had possessed a slight lisp from birth, causing his s's to come out as th's.
    • Each character is hideously depicted via limp dialogue, grating accents, silly lisps, unnatural body movements, and an overall disagreeable personality.
    • Many of the loyal troops would have joined the revolt if the rebels had shown more activity, but on-the-spot leadership was provided by a high-voiced officer with a lisp, who failed to change the rebels' plan and seize the initiative.
    • They were the ones who gave me a hard time about my braces and my lisp and… well… everything.
    • She had the slightest hint of a lisp, and so the last word came out of her mouth sounding like ‘thresses.’
    • ‘His lisp was a natural speech impediment, but I think [the producers] were concerned over how it would be received,’ he says.
    • In fact he had a curiously dry - albeit pleasant - soft spoken voice that was more soothing than intimidating, and he even had a slight lisp.
    • "He's awake now, " she said proudly, with a slight lisp.
    • Each pause was highlighted, every sound a lisp.
    • The splint holding my tooth in has given me a slight lisp, that achey feeling in the gum line from the forcing of the tooth and the annoyingly protracted brushing process that I used to hate.
    • I could have just written a hundred pages of lisps and grunts and the film would have came out exactly the same.
    • I should mention now that I have a slight lisp.

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    pronunciar ceceando
    decir ceceando