Traducción de listener en Español:


oyente, n.

Pronunciación /ˈlɪs(ə)nər//ˈlɪs(ə)nə/


  • 1

    oyente femenino
    radioyente masculino
    radioescucha femenino
    • She now has 5.4 million listeners, down 430,000 on the previous quarter.
    • According to her, the number of Bulgarian listeners has remained very high over the years.
    • This one stumped Geoff a bit and if any listeners have an idea let us know.
    • But judging from the ratings they did so to the liking and approval of many listeners.
    • Often, in the run-up to Christmas, it's listeners looking for the best place to by a gadget on line on the cheap.
    • I think I should remind listeners just how dangerous it can be.
    • Strange misunderstandings step into the gap between the broadcaster's mouth and the listener's ear.
    • Will we alienate our loyal, core listeners if we dramatically change our story content?
    • The distinctive wallets usually arrive on listeners ' doormats on Fridays.
    • The highlight of the radio dramas was that they were scripted with a specific message to listeners.
    • In the feature, listeners vote to hear either a very cheesy or a very classy track.
    • Her theme was Nutrition for Older People and she dealt with a number of queries from her listeners.
    • Will he be able to keep radio listeners tuned in?
    • Talk radio is enjoying a coast-to-coast resurgence with millions of loyal listeners tuning in to their favorite topics.
    • The services will offer listeners more choice and variety, with an interference-free sound.
    • To those who are avid radio listeners, the programmes have a quality of their own.
    • This's why he's thrilled that listeners are sending him their own CDs and making him discover new music.
    • We can't do what we do without our listeners getting behind us and supporting us financially.
    • In fact, advertisers' desire for young listeners has led radio stations to offer a proliferation of new formats.
    • There is so much sickness that I want to remind listeners that everyone has goodness in them.
  • 2

    (in conversation)
    he's a good listener es una persona que sabe escuchar
    • both her listeners were very surprised las dos personas que la escuchaban se sorprendieron mucho
    • It didn't take long for these guys to fill the room with attentive listeners, or run out of merch.
    • Her vocal delivery is straightforward and unadorned, thereby drawing the listener's ear to the content of the lyrics.
    • He turned out to be a very attentive listener.
    • The listeners grow suspicious with his self-defence story and discover the truth concerns them all.
    • Music and dance helped forge a common bond among listeners, and everyone was enraptured.
    • A 1992 law allows music listeners to make some personal digital copies of their music.
    • Make sure you have the listener's attention before you start speaking.
    • They engage creatively with the limitations of the audio channel to command the listener's attention.
    • The long format used to tell a story, taking the listener on an emotional journey.
    • African music is unique in the way it instantly creates a special, moving link with listeners.
    • She was always a good listener who had many words of wisdom to impart.
    • The title track is a vastly underrated song with some catchy chord changes and choruses to keep the listener interested.
    • Even attentive listeners can be overwhelmed by too many rules.
    • Rather, music appreciation is developed by educating the listener in three main areas.
    • The conclusion seems to be that music listeners have a very bright future.
    • When they succeed they leave the listener wanting them to stretch out and expand the idea a bit more.
    • Rapport between teller and listeners is based on trust, interest and on respect for character as well as skills.
    • Are listeners really going to mistake what the questioner is saying?
    • Nevertheless, the attentive listener will recognize the feeling of satisfaction when the final tonic is reached.
    • Such restraint could mean the casual listener is unlikely to give this a second spin.