Traducción de litigious en Español:


pleiteador, adj.

Pronunciación /ləˈtɪdʒəs//lɪˈtɪdʒəs/


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    • We know that we are a highly litigious nation.
    • And all we're wanting to do is ensure that in a highly litigious city, in a highly litigious society, that we make sure as far as is possible, that lawyers bring cases that are reasonable and fair.
    • In fact, this kind of construction will draw a massive legal reaction from ever litigious New Yorkers.
    • But some clowns are concerned about the legal risks of throwing custard pies, what with society becoming more litigious.
    • Ireland might hold the unenviable title of being the most litigious country in the world.
    • Englishmen were notoriously litigious, but that represented a willingness to submit to the arbitration of the king's courts.
    • Two related factors are our litigious natures and greed for easy money.
    • If you look at it year on year there is probably a move upwards - it is a more litigious society now and legal fees are more structured now.
    • All electronic communication, regardless of the medium, is now potential evidentiary fact in our litigious society.
    • I've never considered a contract, but I don't live in a hugely litigious society.
    • Our increasingly litigious society could also have serious consequences for dog owners.
    • Across the area, event organisers are having to face the consequences of an increasingly litigious society.
    • The NFL is the most litigious league of all the professional sports.
    • By January, because of our increasingly litigious society, that had increased to almost £20,000.
    • On the subject of suing, does he think the media culture today is becoming overly litigious?
    • Though Americans are notoriously litigious, the plague of lawsuits is largely a myth.
    • Local landowners are well aware of their rights over land and highly litigious when they are aggrieved.
    • But also a long-term cultural shift towards a more litigious society.
    • By the by, I have often wondered why Bulgarian society is not more litigious.
    • Is this person likely to be litigious and bring lawsuits crashing down on the company?