Traducción de little finger en Español:

little finger

meñique, n.


  • 1

    meñique masculino
    dedo meñique masculino
    • The hands may be broad with short fingers; the little finger may only have one joint instead of two and be slightly curved.
    • The little finger of my left hand is missing and - what's even worse - the three middle fingers of my right one are frozen.
    • He was missing a little finger on his right hand as a result from his fight with street gangs.
    • She brought her thumbs to her little fingers and made her hands as thin as possible.
    • There was a faint scar that sloped gently downwards from her index finger to her little finger.
    • When I type at the computer my thumb and little fingers hurt.
    • She didn't move a muscle, not even a twitch, except for the little finger on her left hand.
    • This renowned ruggedness has been evident since he lost the little finger on his right hand in a woodchipper accident a month ago.
    • He holds up his hand, the little finger and the forefinger extended.
    • Or if you're typing, and you think what your little finger of your left hand is doing, it'll disrupt.
    • Similarly the tip of the middle, ring and little fingers of the top hand will be seen (when the gloves are not worn).
    • The little finger of the right hand is the only whole finger she has, and she uses it eloquently.
    • It's sat on the little finger of my left hand for 23 years until it's worn a ridge into the skin.
    • If you look at the little finger on my right hand, for example, you will see a thin, somewhat curved scar.
    • And he touched each of the men's foreheads with the little finger of his right hand.
    • The three middle fingers on each hand control the six fingerholes, and the thumbs and little fingers control keys that extend the bass range down to B.
    • The burst of flash illuminates a mass of arms raised, index fingers and little fingers pointing skywards, in the time-honoured rock salute.
    • I have never seen a good golfer with a weak little finger on his left hand.
    • Once there was a little girl with little hair and little fingers and she got eaten by the big bad wolf.
    • At one point when I cornered it under a chair in the living room, it bit me on the little finger of my right hand and drew blood.