Traducción de liturgical en Español:


litúrgico, adj.

Pronunciación /lɪˈtəːdʒɪk(ə)l//ləˈtərdʒək(ə)l/


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    • Pope Pius XII in particular contributed heavily to renewal of the Church's liturgical and Sacramental life.
    • As a sustained address to God, liturgical language is silent between the human beings who speak it.
    • They do not even seem to allude to crucifixes or church buildings or vestments or liturgical practice.
    • Just when we are entering the coldest, darkest time, along comes this liturgical shot in the arm.
    • As the treasury of Anglican liturgical resources grows more biblical, it will also grow in size.
    • The liturgical life of the Church is always related to a particular culture.
    • The presence of children in the liturgical assembly is a part of their ministry to the whole assembly.
    • Changes are occurring in the liturgical worship of Orthodox churches again, here and there.
    • Participation in Orthodox liturgical worship involves the body and all its senses.
    • The liturgical life of the Christian community celebrates this presence and awareness.
    • What does all this suggest about the role of the Holy Spirit with regard to the liturgical life of the Church?
    • What worship is and is for may be at stake in the argument between liturgical and praise worship.
    • On the eve of a new liturgical season, today is a great day to start anew.
    • This brings us to the question of liturgical quality control in a post-Prayer Book Church.
    • With the close of the liturgical year, next week the church prepares to celebrate Christ as king.
    • However, committed lay participation in liturgical planning is not sufficient.
    • As early as the ninth century, there was a liturgical ceremony ritualizing the act of adoption.
    • Many of the most important evolutions in this process were nurtured by the rhythms of the liturgical year.
    • The liturgical changes were an expression and a promise of the communion of saints.
    • It has invaded the precincts of both liturgical churches and free churches.